Missing GPS Maps?

Having bought a garmin gps at an american base in Kuwait, wasn't too surprised to find that it didn't have the Brit maps on it. Does anyone know how I can go about getting hold of said maps?
Alterbnatively, if you have access to Peer to Peer, e.g Winmx, do a search for Mapsource software and voila, should be plenty. I use an US Garmin Legend, and have all the UK maps I need.

Mr Happy

Just an advisory note about GPS co-ords, there are different coordinate systems in use, the UK I think uses primarily WGS84 or some such the yanks use something else with a subtle difference, so make sure that the next time you CFF from a USForce that you grid system is the same as theirs (and the physical map you are using).

I recall a story of US Air repeatedly dropping 500 lbs on the wrong grid in Bos and Brit SF screaming at them down the means to "stop bombing the village, the tgt is north of village".. Anyone else heard that.
Yes you have to be careful with 'setting up' your units ensure the Co-ords style and your Datums are correct.... i.e BNG with OSGB36 for England, Scotland and Wales (with MSL for the vertical Datum).

WGS84 is a Global datum but might not be the correct one, use your map to obtain the correct datum..... set your GPS by the map used.
Have the maps and charts, have pm'd you.

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