Missing From HMV's online FAQ page

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Q. Just how completely and utterly shit can one company be?

A. Unfortunately we do not have than information, we've trolled the known universe and until now, it would appear we are shitter than any other company in the know universe. However, it would appear that new planets are discovered all of the time, so it is possible - however, unlikely - that there is some duff arrshole somewhere with less commercial gumph than HMV. Please phone one of our stores if you want to be completely ignored. Otherwise, if you actually want to find out how much an item is and pay for it and have it delivered to your door - faster than we can answer the phone. Check out Amazon.co.uk

Yours sincerely
HMV Customer Don't Care at All Team.
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Are you sure you haven't phoned Orange by mistake?
An interesting little ditty about Orange.

I have several mobi's on various networks... All of them a complete and utter bunch of cnuts.

But for the past few months Orange have been phoning me every other day asking me if I want a better deal, free upgrades etc etc.

Then last week the horrible back stabbing, cretinous, shit houses turned off the local mast.

Glad I didn't bite on the upgrade.
I reckon BT must be somewhere near the top of the list of companies whose attitude to customer care could be summed up by the phrase "couldn't give a shit". They have managed to develop a behemoth of a customer care organisation, that is so utterly crap it's almost amusing, were it not for the fact that time is money and one can spend hours listening to utter shite being spouted by a gazillion brainless chumps who know not what they gibber about.

Ian Livingstone could do with walking a mile in his customers' shoes, because at the moment he heads an organisation that is stratospherically appalling. In several encounters over the last year or so the only thing that has struck me is the sheer ineptitude of its staff, its approach to its customers and to its products.

I hope that Mr Livingstone's proctologist has a similar attitude towards timeliness, accuracy, care and professionalism when Livingstone comes to getting his haemorrhoids sorted out. The overpaid buffoon.

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