Missing Favicon

I haven't done a search for this topic as with my very slow internet connection and slow computer it would take so long as to become tedious. What with all the waiting I have to do while each page loads extra clutter such as widgets from twitter so you can "follow them" on twitter, like a Twit. Or the facebook buttons, or the google double click gremlins and the other clutter that slows up page loading.

Getting to the point, how come ARRSE doesn't have a favicon like "a proper site does?" *snigger*

If it's because it would create more clutter, then could you swap all the Social Media links for a favicon please. It's just that when I look at the neat list of bookmarks in my favourites pannel. ARRSE is the only one that's diffy a favicon, and this makes it stand out from the others. Perhaps Sgt Spud would make a good favicon?
If you use IE 9 it doesn't show, any other that I've used it shows OK.

PS If I remember right it didn't show with the earlier version of IE.
working fine for me. which browser are you using?
Err, it's IE7 which surprises me as I thought I'd done the updates. But on my laptop using IE8 (I think) it doesn't show either.

I've taken a peek and can see the "link rel="shortcut icon" href="/images/misc/favicon_arrse.ico" type="image/x-icon" " gubbins, so I know you've tried. I just wondered if someone had dropped a clanger somewhere. Still, I shan't grumble as this forum does provide me with ready entertainment, wit and banter...

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