Missing Cnut, Fcuk and Sh1t already



There's nothing stopping you from writing cnut, fcuk etc still, you fuktard
I really hate the new arrse. Also, where is the egosearch?
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I'm missing the old smilies. The first time in ages I had use for the threatening one with the bat and it's gone...
Never mind, it appears everyone is a "Senior Member" now, so we can all can the geriatric jokes! :rolleyes:

[I only have one smiley on offer in "Advanced". Is that an anti-Crab feature?]
excellent I can express myself as I naturally fucking speak
I'm seriously considering becoming all outraged obout this. Really, I feel like getting myself all worked up.
I'm curently at the 'fecking fuming' stage but Outrage central is just around the corner.

Anyone care to join me?
Fucking excelent. I always felt inadequate writing cu nt (well it's one of the reasons), when someone with higher interweb swearing powers could apparently write cunt with ease. Things seem now to be a level cunting playing field and thank the good lord allfucking mighty for small mercies.
You could spell proper swear words before, all you had to do was double tap the italics button in the middle of the word and hey-presto it wrote it properly.

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