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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Troy, Apr 28, 2013.

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  1. Cut and pasted from facebook...

    Help ! MISSING CADET !! Lewis Aldred 14 ,Leamington Spa,Warwickshire
    left home at 11am this morning with £4 in his pocket to walk 2 mins to shop to buy black bags and birthday card. He has not been seen since,Police are very concerned as are parents,have spoken to both. He was wearing Red hoodie, jeans ,trainers and had a light blue " DC " bag. He is one of my cadets and this is well out of character and I am also concerned. Please spread the word and look out for him. Any info call Warwickshire Police 01926415000

    If anyone can provide any help with this, then please do so. This isn't the NAAFI section so sensible replies are requested instead of any pervy nonsense.

    If this kid was one of yours then you'd care that he was missing, but try to care anyway.

    Thanks for viewing this.
  2. Not the right way to go about things. If the Police want info, they'll broadcast it.
  3. The family have reported the lad found and safe, and thank those who posted to various forums for their help.
  4. Did he get the bin bags?
    Or did he come back smelling of glue with a glazed look?
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  5. Maybes yer'll find him in the toons goal net.there's a lot of things went in there in their last two home games.
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  6. Did he manage to blag a wristband?

    (For the purpose of posterity, yesterday was the Army v Navy game)
  7. Glad to hear that Tom, thanks for posting.
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