Missing bloke from 16 sigs

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by greenbaggyskin, Nov 28, 2010.

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  1. Does anyone know if there is a resolution to the case of the guy who went missing in the Canary Islands a while back?

  2. Still missing, last I heard. Coming up to a year now. :(
  3. Cheers mate. That is a real shame.
  4. Correct Disco, still no news.
  5. He's got to be a dead cert for the 2010 Royal Signals hide and seek championship.
  6. I think they're still waiting for someone who can count to ten
  7. would have been better as 10
  8. We don't need to be able to count to ten, braid has 3 yellow zipties on it to indicate 10 metres, so we just work to that
  9. Some of the businesses in the village still have the posters up, and I believe there are unofficial plans to hold a short memorial for him to mark the 12 months unless by some miracle there is good news before hand.
  10. You still around then HTB?
  11. /wah shield on

    10 you dummy, as in binary...

    /wah shield off
  12. Still using the old braid then ?