Missing BFG sticker showing run-out date on my number plate

I drive a LHD car registered on the BFG system, with a typical German plate and registration.

Part of the plate includes a sticker that indicates when the BFG runs out, and this has disappeared!

Will it simply be a case of tipping up at a BFG test centre with proof of passing a BFG test (or they can look at my rear number plate!) and scabbing another sticker?

I am based in Elmpt Stn but currently I am on leave in Paderborn, does anyone know if there is a BFG test centre nearby? bfgnet.de has a link to BFG testing for Paderborn garrison but it doesn't work :x
The one on the front, on the civie net, shows when the AU* runs out and this has been scrapped as from Jan this year.

You might not actually need one on the front any more.

*exhaust emissions.

So before panic sets in it might be worth asking your local BFG center?

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