Missing AK47

There is an article on the news today regarding an AK47 being borrowed from the Irish Guards in London. The weapon is said to have come from the former Yugoslavia and to have been de-activated, but could be re-activated and used if not recovered quickly. Where was it being kept that it could be lifted and removed with such apparent ease?
Whilst not wishing anyone to incriminate themselves, how often are de-activated weapons brought back from operations and what are the rules regarding doing so.
Foot Guards: only missing the one?? !! :oops:

10 years ago you could have gone to the Greyhound Dog on Fulham Palace Road and bought it back for a pony. Lend Lease if you were hard up, perhaps with a flash-bang for the weekend?

I don't know what the rules are, but Murphy has a few laws in this area. Which also used to apply when bringing Ganja back fro Belize...
1. Don't get caught.
2. Always try and hide it in someone else's kit or callsign.
3. Try and remember where you hid it, so it does not turn up 5 years later when the vehicle goes in for third line refit.
4. Never give it to the loadie for safe keeping. On more that one occasion I have had to board and search an aircraft, to recover a weapon given to the crew 2 continents and 6 sorties earlier.

( so much for P&SS rigourous implemetation of Air Transport security:¬) )

add your Murphys laws of contraband below:
Has it been mentioned where exactly it was stolen from? It was probably mounted on a nice plinth in the mess, and someone will look under their bed in a few weeks and find the bloody thing - either that or they've found it already, know their in the cack and have bunged it in the river.


I had 2 AK47's in my MSA account from GW1 and when I took over as RQ, how 'suprised' I was to find them both active and simply hung in the lads bar! How the QM and I laughed!
its in a cupboard with the SA80 that went missing from Sandhurst
Coming back from Bosnia in 2001, we brought back several AKs, a PPSh41, two Mauser Kar-98s, a mint condition MG-42 with original Mauser stampings, a Yugo copy of same and a 12.7mm Dushka. All for 'familiarisation' training. You have to get ATO to sign off on it and it's all above board...allegedly.
you wouldn't have goten the Kar98's out of Iraq they classified as historic items. Yes there is a bit of a policy hole on trophies and I know the rules changed in Iraq before the authorised trophies left.
Arkady said:
Coming back from Bosnia in 2001, we brought back two Mauser Kar-98s.
nurse said:
you wouldnt have gotten a Kar98' out of Iraq, they classed as historic items
supposedly can bring back aks from iraq if go through proper channels
though what they are i dont know .
Talking of missing weapons front gate some where choggi hands in weapon for safe keeping comes back to collect it pistol gone and no one knows anything about it :lol:
the last rules I saw in Theatre were only units on Tellic 1 (The WAR) could bring back trophies.
yeoman said:
All of ours disappeared in Op Plunder never to be seen again. Does anyone from Telic 1 have any trophies?
Most probably plenty of our 'trophies' hanging up in RMP messes or kept by RMP :!:
Typical monkeys, I had a Cpl returning from Kosovo with a Hunting Knife mounted on a plaque presented to him by the Finns. Despite having all the correct paperwork it was taken off him during Op plunder. When we complained to the OC RMP they said they would investigate but we never got it back. Some Monkey probably has it in his room now (or on his webbing) pretending it was presented to him.

I hate them all :evil:
a mate of mine who was in telic 1 brought back a huge painting of saddam. must be about 6ft wide by about 11ft high. he hid it in with the weapons on the way back to the UK.

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