Missing 12 year old

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by SuperSLime, Aug 7, 2012.

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  1. Story here:

    Family fears missing Tia has been abducted - Telegraph

    Any bets on when the boyfriend will be arrested? I give it a week.
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  2. yep - money on the boyfiend......(yes it is spelt correctly!)...
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  3. Wait until the televised family appeal, if he's in the picture sobbing he's nicked. But I still reckon the bloke walking his dog did it.
  4. She left grandma's house didn't she. I heard that dibble are desperate to speak to the Big Bad Wolf.
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  5. Grans toyboy....
  6. Couldn't be him then as he clearly likes older women.
  7. Mr Hazell with The Metal Pipe on the Railway Embankment. Poor kid, assemble a lynch mob for a kangaroo court and bring a rope.
  8. Poor kid indeed. Instead of being murdered by some scrote she could have kept Maddie company in my cellar.
  9. It's New Addington.

    The Mayor's holding a celebration that she hasn't been stabbed in a robbery or shot in a drive-by.

    See, you can make progress a year after the riot.
  10. Commendable restraint indeed. Hemp, or polyprop?
  11. I thought the comment by the Sky bloke Brunt was interesting...

    'after he allegedly left the Grandparents house....'
  12. FFS! If Ive read that correctly the freak needs a bullet regardless , a 37 year old with a 12 year old girl ! I`m no social worker but I`d bet my right bollock he`s a nonce
  13. Well, not quite. He's actually the mother's boyfriend. Although I suspect he decided to go multigenerational and Tia protested a bit too much.
  14. Oh I see , bleary eyed is my excuse , still I bet the poor kid was pregnant by him, started to show so he`s offed her.
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  15. Or, sold her on ....
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