Missing: 1,000 MoD Spin Doctors

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, Jul 22, 2007.

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  1. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2007/07/22/nmod122.xml

    "Defence chiefs are spending millions of pounds of taxpayers' money on 1,000 "spin doctors" in an attempt to boost the military's public image.

    Yet in a striking admission, an internal Ministry of Defence (MoD) document reveals that senior officials have "no clear idea" of who they are, whether they are making an impact, or their actual cost to the country.

    The document, The Defence Communications Strategy, also contains what is believed to be the first official admission by the Government that there is little or no support for the war in Iraq among the British public.

    Simon MacDowall, the MoD's director general of media and communications, drew up the strategy in an attempt to reduce the bureaucracy of the department's public relations machine.

    His report states: "We have no clear idea of the number of people involved in defence communications work or their costs. Over 1,000 people in MoD have a media/communications job code. This excludes many military personnel involved in communications work. Of this, 107 work to Director General Media Communications"
  2. Many years ago I did a NATO Media Ops course where the clear message was that it was the Armed Forces' duty was to inform the tax-payer what they did. That was the key to the duty of a PInfo Officer - "duty to inform"

    Now I note the mission is to " ...enhance the reputation of the department and the Armed Forces..."

    It is not even a subtle change. I have never felt that the Armed Forces need these rediculous media and communications people to enhance reputations. If they concentrated more on informing instead of spinning we wouldn't have so many PR disasters.
  3. Top post there Herrumph, gets my vote mate.
  4. My thoughts are that this document refers to the lower level press officers, who often work in the main TLB's and other areas to provide local press coverage. Its a tough call - on the one hand you're complaining that money is being spent on press officers, on the other hand people here are the first to complain when the media don't cover our actions. Whether we like it or not, Press officers do have a role to play.
  5. Says an awful lot about their account management. Accounts 101 required methinks. Then sack 'em.
  6. How many private infantrymen or riflemen would the money spent on this bunch of total tossers buy ?

    Thank God, I served when a distinguished (normally) major general or latterly brigadier handled 'f*ing P f'ing R'.

    When the Army was the Army and not a gang of arse licking 'gimme a gong' non entitities, (General Sir Richard Dannatt excepted!) the f'ing P were well advised simply to be thankful!!

    I suspect many on this site understand my normal view on all matters, it is:

    Left Right, North South, Oxford Cambridge, Black White, Plus Minus, Wales England - none of this happy clappy, handy wringy bollocks, wavering this way and that!
  7. Maybe they could pay some of us ARRSERS to be spin doctors for the MOD, I suppose P_T_P and some of the other MODS could do a good job after our current exploits and victories. :judge: