Discussion in 'Gunners' started by foofighter90, Apr 6, 2010.

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  1. I am really interested in working with guided missiles. Is it the Artillery that operates most of these? I thought that the infantry and tanks used them too but the recruiting officer said that most of them were operated by artillery. Is the training harder than for other jobs and where do you work after training? Do you get to work in Afghanistan? My mate said no because there were no enemy tanks or aircraft but I was told that I would still be able to go out there in the careers office. But the recruiter said that I stood a better chance getting in if I worked with unpiloted aircraft at the moment. Can I change to missiles when I get in, mybe after an op in Afghanistan?

    Sorry lots of questions but any help would be good.

  2. I am joining as an officer - so it is different, however I went to Larkhill and saw the unmanned UAVs you mentioned. Looked to be a good job, very much in demand on Operations.

    Do the RA do a Junior Ranks Insight Course?
  3. dude this post look's dodgy! if you had half an ounce of common sense you would be able to fing all your answers on the army website
  4. Did you seriously just tell someone that their post looked dodgy?

    Pot; this is kettle- black, I say again, black!
  5. Dont mention `fing`on here. Opsec and all that!
  6. i dont get it fella! how does my post look dodgy?
  7. lol oops! typo
  8. To foofighter90;

    Have a look for "MLRS" on the Army website.

    Edited for losing track of who's who...my bad :oops:
  9. i wasnt asking the question! i suggested they searched the army website for job descriptions. then i was accused of being a pot calling the kettle black lol
  10. GMLRS on the website mate . It will take 3 hours to clear the airspace between the server and your PC and you will get sick of people telling you how good it is. I would look into UAV, lots of scope for jobs when you leave the army as well.
  11. lol bet you loved the goal posts going up
  12. Them bloody goalposts as well. Good bit of kit but it's not the silver bullet Larkhill make it out to be.
  13. agree completly!

    "clear the aircraft!!! we will use gmlrs"

    best cases where we used it was when we were patroling into a known area and all the procedures were in place and ready before we left camp!
  14. You criticised someone's post for looking dodgy. I'm not sure what made it look dodgy as it was quite well worded, included specifics and was not bad, grammatically speaking.

    Your reply had no capitalisation, a typo and a misplaced apostrophe. It also didn't address the likelihood that the OP had looked at the Army website and was looking for more information from those who've been at the sharp end.
  15. I have some nightmare tales of " long screwdriver" BC stuff insisting on GMLRS when a jet is overhead / PID/ CDE satisfied. Yet GMLRS was ordered. Took too long and bad guys gone.Still a great bit if kit , crap in crap out only ad good as the grid you give it.