Missile Defense Agency HALO GII in town

Couple of hours ago I took a wander over to the Hall as Missile Defense Agency modified Gulfstream II dropped in, probably for Joint Warrior / Maritime exercise ..so here are my, photos post mini monsoon.

I didn't even realise there was a Missile Defense Agency.
Observation & sensor platform by all accounts:
The primary mission of the AirBorne Sensor (ABS) Mission Operations program is to provide airborne electro-optic and infrared sensor capabilities to support MDA and other test activities.

The ABS program directs the design, development, integration, test, operation, maintenance, improvements, modernization, mission support and data reduction and analysis activities for three types of aircraft: two High Altitude Observatory (HALO-I/II) aircraft, modified Gulfstream IIB aircraft, and the Widebody Airborne Sensor Program (WASP)-modified McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10 aircraft. The program scope also includes any future aircraft and mission equipment required to support MDA test and assessment activities.

Each of the three MDA aircraft can be configured with a variety of sensors to support BMDS test data collection efforts. The ABS program also provides quick-turn mission data analysis and reporting to ensure that critical MDA test data gets to key organizations in a timely manner.
Not unlike Cobra Ball then really?