Missed the bus.

Missed the bus? Not this fella....

A New Delhi labourer survived getting hit by a bus, only to get hit and killed by a second bus 20 minutes later, police said.
Raj Kumar was on his way to work on Wednesday morning when a bus hit him from behind.
Police officials said local residents took the injured man to the hospital inside a three-wheeler taxi. Before they reached the hospital, however, Mr Kumar said he felt fine and jumped out of the vehicle to cross the road - when another bus hit him.
Police say both vehicles were Blueline buses, infamous for running red lights and speeding through the city's free-for-all traffic.
The Hindustan Times newspaper said Blueline buses caused 118 deaths in 2008.
Mr Kumar

I thought it was Kumar AT no 9, not under it :?
Do you think his family will qualify for an away day saver special?
God knows that old Blakey would have made of it.
Was it something he said?

Poor bastard, but that did make me chuckle. Somebody has to be the gods' whipping boy and it looked like the big lottery finger touched him.

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