Missed recruit training weekend

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jcarver007, Jan 12, 2012.

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  1. Looking for bit of advice- one of the RT weekends I am due to go on clashes with something meaning I will have a 6 week wait till the next available one. Not happy but would like to know whether this length of gap will mean I will be back tracked?

  2. Which weekend?
  3. It's about priorities: if you can change the date of whatever else you have planned, do it. What's more important to you?
  4. How about the novel approach of asking your section commander for advice rather than a gang of randoms on the internet?

    I am sure you wll not be the first person to ask him/her such a question.......................................................
  5. Dates where produced this evening but there were a number of other more pressing matters being dealt with. So instead of waiting I thought I would ask someone on here. If you can't advise no problem.
  6. It depends what it is. If its your wedding they will probably be ok with it. If its a mates birthday piss up the less so. If its an early one you may as well just wait until the next set of weekends start.
  7. No family holiday. Shame dates not around before now as could have chosen different dates but had to book up ASAP. If it means starting again then will have to lump it.
    Thanks for advice.
  8. Edit: Just saw your reply - Worth asking, you never know. I got time off for a couple of family things (including re-jigged leave for a family holiday). You never know.
  9. Its TA ffs!

    I will bet that 50% of recruits miss a few weekends because of work, study, sickness, crap weather,sporting or family commitments.

    I would not lose any sleep over it.
  10. Ah! Right...

    <Drifts away quietly, promising to read posts more carefully and absorb info therein>
  11. Perhaps for some...but speaking for myself, training taken very seriously. Not something to fill up spare time. And I this is the same for many others I know as emphasis is made on training for future operations.
  12. Just don't turn up and then when challenged about it, swear blind that you were there! You know it makes sense......
  13. I don't think he was suggesting that you shouldn't take it seriously but the TA is after all a voluntary organisation (for the moment at least) and is usually fairly flexible about this kind of thing.

    If the recruit trainning programme is organised anything like the one in my area the weekends will run on a rolling basis so you may only have to wait for two or three weeks before the one you need comes around again.

    Talk to your recruitment and training team (who should be guiding you through this - it's their job), section commander or PSI.
  14. Ok I'll ask again, which weekend are you missing as this will have an effect on you.

    The period before you are back squaded is anything longer than eight weeks between weekends

    If you are on a course now the dates will have been agreed for anything up to a year before, depending on your unit you should have been given all your dates after passing your selection weekend
  15. Before I left ITW if you hadn't completed up to w/e 3 then you had to start over if you're past w/e 3 then you start from the last w/e attended.