Missed opportunity to kill Hitler

I went on a superb battlefield tour a few years back,this around the WW1 battlefields of France and Flanders. The tour guide was an excellent Green Howards officer,who showed us the rough location of this engagement which according to him happened in 1914 during 1st Ypres...we were in the salient at the time,not too far from the Canadian Brooding Soldier memorial.

The article suggests that the engagement might not have been at Marcoing,and that it may well have been at 1st Ypres...hope this helps.Cheers!

User "ex XIX" may be able to shed some light on this?!??
wherever the incident occurred, it was bloody careless of him...
There was a book written by a German physician -- A Surgeon in The Kaiser's Army -- in which the author made a passing reference to Hitler's Iron Cross in which he asserted that he didn't understand how Hitler only finished the war as a lance corporal as anyone who earned the Iron Cross was automatically promoted to sergeant.

I never got the chance to follow this one up.

Opinions/info anyone?
Adolf ending up making such catastrophic decisions he probably shortened the war.
Bravo_Bravo said:
Adolf ending up making such catastrophic decisions he probably shortened the war.
...which was nice. :twisted:
at some points in the war he must have been one of englands greatest allies...........jus hav to look at dunkirk and the halt order allowing uk to evac loadsa troops and his obsession about not retreating...he was a nut...not a tactician like some of his capable generals(which he also killed a few of)
Hitler was a military gambler. He had a good run, many bets paid off but when he was under extreame pressure his 'insight' failed and he and the German nation paid th price.
The reproduction was destroyed or stolen by allied troops who ransacked, looted and badly damaged the Eagles Nest as the war approached its end. British troops were preparing a truck load of explosives to blow it off the face of the earth when American officers arrived on the scene appalled by the waste of time and munitions, and ordered them back to the real war.
err, what ?. This doesn't have the ring of authenticity.

As for the Hitler thing, this has been poo-poohed before, but it could have happened.
missed oportunityt killing hitler..............actually surprisingly.helped us to win the war.......at some points hitler was one of our greatest allie cos he was such a dumb ass.:
Bit of a daft idea that 'missed opportunity to kill Hitler', imagine how many would be Hitlers actually were killed.

what about 'missed opportunity to slot Gavrillo Princip' ? could have saved a lot more lives by doing that then killing adolf.

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