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Missed meal payments in South Africa and naming of south african barrack blocks.


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Nope, nothing at all to say on any of those subjects, I just felt that we needed a South African thread, since it is a country that is ignored and no-one ever mentions South Africa. Especially today.
I'm glad this thread has been posted as I'm trying to get in touch with a Saffa.
He goes by the name of Leighrj.
I've been trying to get hold of him for ages but I've had no luck so far in tracking him down.

Can anyone help finding him?
I was born in South Africa, in Simonstown, my parents troopship (yes it was a while ago) put in there returning from Singapore. My family later moved to South Africa where my dad trained local infantrymen until 1966. He left the country in a huff when they started fucking the English speaking officers about!

Although I have both birth certificates for UK & South Africa I'd like to make one thing quite clear, I am not a fucking Yarpie and I don't like Yarpies very much!

leighrj go fuck yourself!


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A friend of the families daughter lost a leg in the Hard Rock Cafe bombing a few years ago.

South Africans.....Cunts the lot of em.
My brother in law moved to SA 25 years ago- made a fortune -lost a fortune- still there and thinks its the greatest place on earth-BUT HES STILL A CUNT !!!!!

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