Missed Meal Claims for Minor Units

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by MAD_FERRET, Nov 22, 2012.

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  1. Good Morning, one of my colleagues this morning has asked about his Missed Meal claim being rejected, the background is that he was a driver for a small team of participants to attend the Military Steeplechacse event up in Catterick last week.

    Are we now in the realms of drivers being penalised financially , for driving details away from Unit lines? I know that a participant cannot drive, if he breaks his leg extreme eg) and other various safety concerns negates this. Also, as a minor Unit we do not have the ability to bid for packed meals, or indeed a DFAC (no meal available).

    Has anyone any experience with this, any JSP gurus out there that know of a way?

    Basically, l am going to find it difficult to find a volunteer for future events as support / drivers etc if they are going to be penalised financially whilst on military duty.

    Does the 5hr / 10hr away from lines still apply, or has it changed?

    Cheers in advance, just curious on this.
  2. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Who rejected it and why?
  3. From JSP 752 Ch3

    DS is the re-imbursement of actual receipted costs, up to a DS limit, for expenditure necessarily incurred for food and drink during the day for periods of over 5 hours’ absence from the permanent or temporary assignment station, when neither a Core Meal in a PAYD Unit or an Entitled Casual Meal in a non-PAYD Unit can be purchased."

    1. Does he have receipts?
    2. Could he have eaten at Catterick?
  4. B and T - It was rejected by our administering RAO, as we are such a small Unit every single claim any of us put in gets audited.

    Joe_Private - Many thanks for the paragraph, l will look into it.
  5. Also depends what meal he missed, if the team left at say 0730 hrs then in all probability they could have had breakfast at the unit.

    Lunch could have been taken at Catterick Gar or one of it outstations

    Evening meal - could late ones not have been booked by IC of the party, who would know when the event ends and travelling time?
  6. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Catterick is PAYD. There is no reason, that I can see, why the claim has ben rejected.
  7. BIPOLAR - RFI answers to your points

    1. The event started at 11am, but this meant leaving Aldershot at 0500 IOT arrive by 1000hrs

    2. It could, however the driver was also part of the support staff for our team and had other tasks.

    3. No evening meal available as the competitors and driver where required back in Aldershot that evening IOT return to work on the following day.
  8. It sounds by looking at his timings that he would be OK as he was clearly on the road at breakfast time and I assume his duties precluded him from getting to a cookhouse to eat? To the OP's point about drivers being penalised financially is bollox. If your own barracks is PAYD, and you go on a driving detail to Catterick and go and get a PAYD meal, why should he claim that back? We just had a guy who went less than an hour to Catterick, ate at McDs and then tried to claim it back as he had to "pay for his tea".
  9. Yellowbelly, this is my point - we are a small team that work from a poratcabin on an almost desolate unoccupied camp, that does not have a cookhouse.
  10. So do your guys normall pay the Daily Food Charge through their pay?
  11. No, we are not a regular unit!

    The point is that the guy was on duty on an authorised detail. No cookhouses where available to him at the time of departure, or arrival. He had to buy own meals, kept receipts and was on duty all day.

    The unit that administrates us is 55miles away.
  12. Ferret, if you are TA, then sorry, I am not up to speed on how it relates across. For Regulars, the 5 hour rule still applies (as stated above) but Missed Meals are now called "Reclaim the Daily Food Charge". Ch 3 of JSP 752 has the detail. That allows someone who pays Food charges to claim back the cost of a Core Meal if they have to purchase one. If a soldier does not pay the daily food charge, and is therefore on PAYD, then he would not be entitled to claiming for eating in a cookhouse. Hope this helps.
  13. M_F, if you have no routine access to a cookhouse then how do you eat when you are in work?
  14. Should they be claiming MOA?
  15. What about if ur on a course and married?