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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by KINGO, Apr 7, 2005.

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  1. Hi guys, We are currently due to go to Lithuania in June but I've just recently had 2 major operations and won't be fit to go..

    Just wondered if anyone has missed camp before and were have they been sent to qualify for camp, i.e. Career courses or recruting.....

  2. Any two week course should do, I've been told the two camps I've done this year (b4 Apr 05) should/will count towards next years bounty.
  3. two weeks in barracks has seen some people qualified for bounty
  4. I my unit we're told that if you miss camp then the only other thing that will count instead is a 2 week career course, unless of course you can wangle a reduced camp. I guess it all depends what mood the PSAO is in !!
  5. Ok, speak to your Platoon Commander. To use a civvy term, they are your line manager, and are responsible for looking after you and your military career development.

    Firstly, you are doing the right thing by asking the questions now, at the start of the training year. TA Regulations state that if for good reasons a soldier is unable to complete a two-week camp, they may apply for dispensation to complete a 'short camp' of 8-9 days and make up the remaining days by normal in-unit training (i.e. weekend training.) What this means is that if you speak to your Pl Comd now, he should support you by writing a letter to his boss seeking permission for you to only do a short camp, stating the reasons given above.

    Then, with your Pl Comd's approval, speak to your PSI about getting on a course (making sure the course dates are later on in the year, when you are fully fit again). Your Pl Comd should be able to advise you on what sort of course you should be looking for.

    Depending on what stage of your career you are at (and I use the term 'career' deliberately) the course options open to you will vary. If you are a Junior NCO, or have Junior NCO potential, there will be lots of courses that you could go and do. Examples might include Prisoner Handling Techniques, Combat Marksmanship Coaching Qualification, or maybe even a driving course. Ask around, and see what the Senior NCOs think are good courses for career progression.

    If you find that you are getting grief from people within your unit (and I know this happens a lot), speak to your Platoon Commander. If a few weeks later still things aren't going anywhere, and you really don't feel like anyone wants to help you, have a quiet word with the Sergeant Major in private. If a few weeks after that still nothing is happening, ask the Sergeant Major if you can have a private chat with the Company Commander and explain the problem to him. At the end of the day, those higher up your chain of command should want to be pro-actively trying to develop your potential, and getting the best out of you. If you don't feel like that's happening, the only way to change things is to let those in charge know about it.
  6. Kingo ,
    shouldn,t worry too much, I am in the same unit , and theres the live firing package down the Beacons in September and as suggested get yourself on a carrer course ,dont go to that nastyCSM on the recruiting team he,ll just laugh at you
  7. msr

    msr LE

    They shouldn't. The camps ought to be done in the training year for which they are counting.

    I believe that the requirement is for 15 (unless you have applied for a reduced camp) days continuous, out of barracks (i.e. your local TAC) training.

  8. msr, are stating your opinion or rules? It doesn't seem that I'm asking much, have done 3 camps during last training year and have no hols left to do a camp before Jan 06 (work hols from new year to new year). (I wasn't too sure on the advice I had, so had plan B - a short camp between New year 06 and Apr 06)

    Wouldn't have been a problem if Blandford and other training establishments ran courses at sensible times (apr -> sept) not jan/feb/mar
  9. msr

    msr LE

    I will check the rules tomorrow night, however, I am fairly sure that you cannot tide camps over from one training year to the next for bounty qualification purposes. Your plan 'b' sounds like a very sensible option.

    As with any other advice on TA Regs, remember that almost everything in them can be over-ruled 'at the CO's discretion'

  10. The Training Year is April to March - it can be extended by a month locally, and by three months with District approval, for those individuals who otherwise wouldn't qualify for bounty without the extension.

    I've never heard of the training year being retrospective in terms of camps, ie camp qualifying before the start of the training year, although I'm going to check TA Regs now!
  11. msr & mr_relaxed ... thanks

    (p.s. the course I did only runs once a year - sometimes not at all cause of lack of students - always in feb/mar.)
  12. Thanx alot guys.... :wink:
  13. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    TA Regs say:

    General Conditions for Payment of Bounties

    Satisfactory completion of the full training year including annual camp or course in lieu, and attainment of the appropriate standard.

    Completion of full requirement of conditions for each bounty, see paras.

    Periods when an officer or soldier is called out are not to count for the purpose of qualification for bounties except when permanent service is authorised to count in lieu of Camp.

    War service provided it is in continuation of voluntary service may count for bounty purposes.

    So, no mention of doing 3 Camps in 1 year, and sppreading them out. The words are "...completion of the full training year including annual camp or course in lieu,..."

    Seems pretty straightforward - even your CO would be hard pressed to persuade Glasgow yuo'd done a Cmap when you hadn't been paid for it!
  14. An annual camp or course in lieu can be carried over to the following training year, although it needs to agreed and documented as such in advance. The pay docs will also need to specify that it is for the following training year when submitted. It is detailed in TA Regs, somewhere :oops: