Miss Teen Hawaii - Youve Come Along Way Baby!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Wishful_Thinking, May 20, 2008.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Heck! 8O
  2. A powerful argument for increasing the abortion limit to 1768 weeks.
    Frankly, I hope he/she/it, has a broken baby. The selfish cunt is going to make its childs life a fucking misery.
  3. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Theres nowt so strange as folk!
  4. Aren't you all judgemental.

    I'm all for mating with transgenders.

    Here's the collage from my bedroom wall:


    Like I said in another thread, this little angel is packing a 7 inch fully functioning latino love tool
  5. As a Finalist in Miss Teen Hawaii:


    As for 'judgemental' Doughnut, please tell me you'd adopted your sarcasm mode, as it wasn't that long ago you were baiting Legs!
  6. MMMM trannies i must also confess to wondering if its right to suck a beautiful womans penis. I mean it cant really be gay as its not attached to a 15 stone truck driver
  7. But you're hardly unbiased are you. Your mother, famously, won the "Largest lady-penis in the Northwest" competion 17 years running, whereas, you're hung like a half eaten Tic-Tac.
    No wonder you're confused.
  8. The big question is: Would you do her/him/it?
  9. That could depend on the following.

    Am I drunk
    Do I have to touch its Knob or can I just skull fuk it.
    Will anyone find out.

    He's a training exercise to help prevent it happening to you.

  10. It hasn't got a knob. That's the whole point of the story about it having a baby. But bizarrely it has got a beard. I can't imagine what the poor little sprog will go through on he playground.

    The only way I would "do it" would be with a specially weighted baseball bat with a fcuk off big nail through the end.
  11. So really its not a male at all but a lesbian who has had a double mastectomy and some hormone treatment, note the beard!! a bit like 'ladyboys' just men with breasts ( I don't mean moobs either! )

    So the headlines should read..."Lesbian is pregnant!" er not quite so shocking and Oprah status is it!
  12. Either way both need a 9mm headache
  13. so if 'he' gets off with a 'ladyboy' are they gay or straight? Hmmmm, thought for the day perhaps.....? 8O
  14. Had tried to work that one out but it gave me too much of a headache
  15. A bearded woman with no tits.... I'm getting flashbacks from Aldershot....

    OMG! Could I be the father of its child? Oh the horror (for all concerned)