Miss Kathy West, a 21st Century Harrods Lingerie Catalogue?

Have any chaps logged on to the website of the charmingly proportioned young lady who is the adopted Pin Up of this august organ?

I have to say I am rather taken by her "images". In these ultra PC days am I a lonely sad old perv who still lusts after fit looking women in uniform complete with underpinning "webbing" or (as I suspect) is it still the duty of every true officer and gentleman to to harbour natural but professionally dangerous urges about "Bob" the gorgeous female staff car driver? :lol:
66 views and no comment?.......not prepared to hold your hand up and admit to being a normal red blooded bloke? ...... surely not everyone has gone that PC have they? Bloody Sad world if they have....pass me the Webley!
Gilgamesh said:
get a wife, or at least an escort.
Ah, you are obviously about as interesting as your post concerning engineering qualifications! Do crack on with your mud pies!! :D

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