Miss Jenkins on Watchdog-re: Mobiles in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by shagnasty, May 6, 2010.

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  1. Is this new? Cancelling suspending mobile 'phone connections whilst serving in Afghanistan. Companies under fire. Way to go Katie!

    UPdate...all companies will now, sort it....apart from...??
  2. 3 and Talk....... won't be bothering with a contract with them then.
  3. Explain further ?
  4. watchdog did a piece about soldiers suspending contracts whilst on ops

    watchdog write up
  5. 3 Will do it, they suspended mine and although overseas i am certainly not in Afghan. Its a bit of a pain dealing with the language barrier from their call centre but all i did was provide a letter from the OC, which i thought was fair enough and the contract is suspended for up to 12 months.

    Fair play to them i say.
  6. Just been announce via watchdog that 02 have lifted the ban on this issue
  7. Reading through the responses to Watchdog's enquiry - there are some slippery bastards in business in the UK! Good for Katherine Jenkins. Not just a pretty face...................... :hump:
  8. Well guys what you gonna do?

    Accept this shabby, sub-standard non-service or switch mobile-phone provider.... l'm sure if enough HMF, as well as their families become pro-active in not renewing their contracts or not selecting either of these providers - these companies just might sit-up and reconsider their actions.

    Do what your good at: Organising yourselves, working together and communicating. Your a mighty force altogether - use your skills. You shouldn't pay, nor put up with an unacceptable service.

    Or is it the usual case, pick on HMF 'cos their easy targets. As for getting a letter from the OC, a bit like asking your dad can you go out tonight. lt's insulting, demeaning as well as humilating, your ALL adults; why can't you be respected as such?
  9. Have you seen more than the rest of us ?
  10. I work for O2, and conveniently we had a service update today telling us how we've changed our process to make it easier for service men/women to suspend their mobile phone accounts, especially if they're going to be away for less than 6 months.

    Incidently we've also been told that this decision has nothing to do with this watchdog.
  11. Orange was quite happy to suspend my contract when I went Iraq in Nov 08. However, when I came back on R&R and needed the use the phone, I could not then suspend it again when I went back to finish my tour. One shot only,apparently.
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  13. My bold: as you said jordo very convenient that considering it's now been bought to the public's attention :wink:

    It's only when cases/situations like these that make consumer programmes highlight the fact how 'certain' companies treat their customers, makes your blood boil sometimes :evil:
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