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Miss Italia 2010


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Italian women are like Italian cars.

Stunningly beautiful and fast goers when they are new and young, but horrendously unreliable and a bit ropey round the edges after a few years of ownership.
Or they turn when still fairly young. This is a Scaley Alberto set of pics, mind you the second left in the pic I've linked is possible Cuddles-fodder ;)
from the article.

" "When we get on a bus, people nudge each other, and whisper, making fun of us, and it's the same on the beach," said redheaded Marilena Amato. "We are the victims of severe discrimination, it's as if we are second class citizens," said another contestant, Antonia Bartolo, a 37-year-old nurse from the Milan region."

its not discrimination your just ugly and fat and you deserved to be mocked.
Number 42 looks like she's good a large unwrapped doner kebab down her pants.

"You want chilli sauce with that my friend?"

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