Miss Damp Wool Competition 2007

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tartan_Terrier, May 9, 2007.

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  1. Edna

  2. Hilda

  3. Betty

  4. Katy

  5. Barbara

  6. Another sheep (Remember to post a photo)

  1. So lads, it's the thread you've all been waiting for, better than 'Women and Guns', better than 'Women and Bikes', it's Wet Sheep!

    Choose your favourite sheep, and cast your vote in the poll above.

    This is Edna from Brecon emerging from the dip tank, somewhat reminiscent of the famous scene in Dr. No with Bridget Bardo.

    A somewhat more modest pose from Hilda who comes from near Stornoway.

    Betty from Yorkshire in a brazen romp with her fans.8

    Katy from Dartmoor

    Barbara from Snowdonia in a tasteful B&W image.

    This competitor was withdrawn for not being a sheep.
  2. Did the last one get stuffed in the microwave to dry it? Is it true they burst?

    As for the competitors, done 'em all.......but Edna does it for me.
  3. Yep got to say think I have met Edna in the past I am sure it was In the Saxon in Brecon! What a babe - also pretty sure I took out he husband on Dixies Corner as be bounced of my bumper on night manouvres - oops


    P.S I would have voted for the last one even though not a sheep purely becuase I could not stop laughing :) - a cracker!
  4. Betty for me :D

    A bit of Yorkshire loyalty.
  5. I met one on SENTA once. It'd been done over by someone with a GPMG. I hid it in one of them drainage ditches that goes under the tracks.

  6. I'm sure that last one was an exotic Poodle
  7. Baaaaaabara! :D
    not baaaad! :D

    - if that kind of thing spins your props.

    Yes, yes, I'm getting the flock out of here..... err, that's mine, the sheepskin......... :oops:
  8. Unfortunately, last year's competition ended in scandal.......

  9. Indeed, they appear to have let a ginger in with the contestants.
  10. TT - no. It was Ursula Andress in Dr No. 8)

    And it's not a bloody bit like either of them.

    Rather fine sheep, tho' . . . . . . :D
  11. Fcuking weird thread.. :?

    I'm off back to Clown Porn.. :wink:
  12. Katy does it for me :D

    I hope to God that the gwa didn't mate with the sheep...
  13. Baaaaaabara for me and I'm not 'shearing' her with anybody else :)
  14. are you their.....................................pimp :?: :?: :?: :?:

  15. Why, how much will you pay?

    Well so far it's dead heat between Edna and Katy, with Betty just a smidgin behind.

    We will post nude shots of the winner, so get voting now, and see some freshly sheared mutton tomorrow!