Miss ARRSE 2006?



It was about this time last year that we held the first Miss ARRSE beauty competition (yes there are quite a few beauties on this site).

As one of the lucky perves… errr… blokes who got to view the entries last year I was looking forward to a repeat.

Is there any interest in bring the competition back and making it an annual event, possibly Mr ARRSE as well?
We can’t have Babyblue and Darth to be the sites one and only super models can we?

Apologies but I can’t find a link to last years thread.

Mods – if this is the wrong forum for this post then please move it to somewhere other than the hole, this was quite a popular and fun topic last year.
best arse on arrse????

we could all post pics of our G/Fs butts. :D


The arrangement last year was that the maidens sent in photos of themselves in their best Sunday clobber to a dedicated email address owned by Ghostrider, he then posted them on a hidden forum for a chosen lucky few to view and judge.
Mr ARRSE was run in much the same way.
One of the maidens had access to the Miss ARRSE forum so she could check that we weren’t abusing them and after about a month a winner was declared and prize awarded.

I can still remember the blond in the blue bikini laying on the beach :D
You know who you are :love:
I was wondering when it was going to be mentioned again. I'm up for being a judge again if my services are required.

Burst_Disk said:
DrStealth said:
best arse on arrse????

we could all post pics of our G/Fs butts. :D
Here's my contribution!

Holy Cow Robin...where'dya park the Batcar?!
Is that a tranny? There is something wrong with that photo. :?
Wench3000 said:
Is that a tranny? There is something wrong with that photo. :?
Yes: the arrse clearly belongs to a Hottentot tribesman from the Kalahari.

By harvesting those buttocks instead of whales the Icelandic fleet could keep Japan supplied for about 3 years.
Sounds like a good great idea to me, can I be a judge? :)
What do you win?

If its cold hard cash then I will enter a photo of my 30 stone frame, and if you're really lucky I may even wear my AB t-shirt and sh it stained rons.

You know you want it.
I thought it was a good idea last year, and i would be more than happy to volenteer my services as a judge of the ladies!

I'm going to have to become a master of paintshop pro if i want to be in with a chance of winning the title of Mr ARRSE though!!!

Moodybitch said:
jack-daniels said:
See you in the Peggy on the 18th then.
Cool, I'll be easy to spot. Just look for the fat one slumped down by the pool table covered in her own vomit and pi ss.
Little bit more Moody.....I'm just at the vinegar strokes.........
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