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  1. I am currently serving and have been at my regiment for 9 years, i am yet to be promoted even though i have had good sjars with reccomends for the past 4 out of 5 years, i am permanantly downgraded due to a knee operation 5 years ago. even though my job means i dont need to be fully fit i am being told i need to pass a PFT before i can be promoted. The only thing with that is there are others that are downgraded or just unfit that cant pass a PFT but still get promoted. IS THIS CAREER MISMANGEMENT?
  2. Yes, I suggest you bimble into your rasmans office and knock him the **** out.
  3. Stop crying you ******* girl, I can pass a PFT and a CFT but because I'm downgraded I'm not allowed to attend my JNCO cadre, therefore I can't get promoted, lifes not fair, if you don't like it sign off.