Miserable, whinging, stupid old gits!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ozduke, Nov 15, 2007.

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  1. I've tried to find a link for this - but it's on our network as an Adobe file so I can't cut and paste, so; clickety clickety here; http://www.defence.gov.au/medals/ then follow "Current Issues and News" then "Newsletter".

    Put simply, some turds have taken it upon themselves to have a moan that ACTORS in a television DRAMA have been seen wearing medals they are not entitled to!!

    Give me strength - bloody whinging Aussies!

    She's quite fit though.

  2. Can't see a problem with it, unless they wear them off set. The same bunch would be whinging if they weren't wearing the correct badges and medals because it wouldn't be realistic!!!!!

    Don't the police cars have to be stripped of all police stuff when not on set?
  3. Years ago medals worn by actors were purely ficticious ones as were the medal ribbons that were made up of strips of cloth. Cannot see a problem but I wish someone would teach them how to wear a beret.
  4. I concur about the berets, these dramas always make the squaddies look like a bunch of nigs on their first day out of QM stores, it's embarassing :)

    Does that make me a whinging old git :?

    *edited for mong spelling!*

  5. That would make you one too wouldn't it...? :p