Misemploying Artificers

Discussion in 'REME' started by PI55TOFFTIFF, Jan 20, 2009.

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  1. Hands up if you're a Class 1 Armr as it seems there are so few of you around that Art Weapons are being sent on tour to do the job of a LCpl. Are we so strapped as to misemploy the Cream of the Corp in such a way.
    Hell of a waste of a 22 month course to be used like this. :evil:
  2. i take it you have only been in 24 months then?

    there there there

    go home to mummy
  3. You're not a bitter fartisan are you by any chance?
  4. no mate a soldier first, something you seem to have forgotton
  5. usually poor tradesman use the soldier first pish.
  6. really jumped up lcpls use the caveat not my trade, not my job, beyond my rank etc, remind you of anyone?

    besides do the civic duty thing i should link your posts to all reme bn adjts and rcmos

    what bn are you? 1, 2, 3, 6, 101?

    I am sure they know who the poor chappie is, and of course wont tell anyone that an art wpns is a crybaby
  7. you sound like a tech spanker?
  8. you sound like a cry baby lcpl
  9. Why don't you scrawl over every thread in the forum you daft cunt? Whats up is it rag week?
  10. indulge us all tiffy, what job should you do then?

    if you have no manpower you cant manage anyone?

    all our kit is deployed, so surely thats where specialists are needed?

    So what are you doing? or what do you think you should be doing?


    do the honourable thing, hand your crown/tapes in, you are clearly not cut out to be a leader of men nor a snco.

    then you can be a class 1 lcpl on tour
  11. I'm a class 1 weapons :)

    Edited to add: I signed off just at the right moment by all accounts.
  12. You really are in a petulant mood today.

    artificer. Noun. A skilled craftsman.

    artisan. Noun. A skilled worker/craftsman.

    Both from Collins Essential English Dictionary.

    Always puzzled me why REME use two words that mean the same thing to describe two different streams of tradesmen.

    Any road up, as artificer means a skilled craftsman, I really don't understand why you are bleating about having to apply your trade. Unless you only went Tiffy to escape the shop floor having discovered that you were shit with your spanners and craved a power trip in order to mask your insecurities and total lack of personality.

    Before you ask, I am ex VM and didn't want to go the Tiffy route. I truly enjoyed working on my tools and didn't want to drive a desk. even as an artisan stripey I spent most of my time on the shop floor; what is the point of aquiring knowledge if it is not imparted to your junior tradesmen at the coal face?
  13. I know an Artisan SSgt Armr who is likely to deploy purely as a Class 1 Tradesman - really a (L)Cpl Cl1 could cover off the job. He really wants the tour and is one of the finest tradesman I've ever met. He appreciates that the needs of the service come first - do you?
  14. You sir seem to be an ass, are you too good to fix a weapons system to enable thoes at the sharp end to fight? Would you maybe prefer instead to go to the sharp end with an unservicable weapon? ARE YOU TOO GOOD TO HELP THOES AT THE FRONT?You come over as yet anathor winging shiney arsed FKing tiffy I must up my career type of fellow , and as such I do hope the nuber 69 bus runs you flat.
  15. On Telic 7 we were so short I had to deploy as a Sgt Armourer and a Sgt Metalsmith.
    I was an AQMS and boy was I unhappy, imagine, the creamier part of the Corps (note the 's' tiff) deploying to do the job he was trained to do! I wrote directly to HM the Queen, HRH the Prince Philip and CO 2 Bn. I still had to go though...

    In case you are not getting the sarcasm - harden the fcuk up princess.