Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by old_1RGJ, Feb 23, 2007.

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  1. what would be the disciplinary outcome having been found out, of a male C/Sgt QPSI(NRPS)having an affair with a female Cpl,armourer from the same Territorial Army Battalion,the C/Sgt being married with two children,the female being single?
    Does anyone know of the correct procedures/policies that would deal with this?
  2. CoC, and Army Test.
  3. It's all in AGAIs.

    For what it's worth on the scant information provided - the CSgt and Cpl would both revert to a position more in keeping with their behaviour.
  4. Depending on the exact circumstances, conceivably nothing at all. But I wouldn't bank on it.

    As an aside, if I had a pound for every 'married NRPS/PSI affair with TA soldier' incident that I've been aware of, then I'd have enough for a small round of drinks (or a slightly larger one at mess prices).
  5. The damage to the marital relationship is of greater importance than the inter-rank relationship in this case.

    The lies and deception involved on the part of the CSgt are the issue, they relect poorly on his character and reliability.

    In the TA, relationships occur, but the same rules apply to them. In this case, both parties should be interviewed and warned of the consequences of their behaviour and the damage being done to the unit cohesion by it being held in public, ie, it is common knowledge.

    The CSgt should be warned about his conduct and the female JNCO advised about hers. If the relationship is to continue, it must be external to the unit and not within it, ie, on duty or on traiinig or other events.

    The CSgt needs to understand the consequences of his actions if his spouse becomes aware of the relationship and the extremely financial penalties he would incur if he were to divorce as the guilty party.

    If the warning or advice is ignored, the chain of command has a moral responsibilty to take whater administrative action is necessary to repair the damage to unit cohesion. If necessary, move either party to another location or consider stronger sanctions if performance or behaviour is below that expected of an individual under the values and standards issues.

    This is initially an administrative and welfare issue, which should only become disciplinary if escalated by either individual failing to heed warnings or advice given.
  6. If the Col in Chief of various Regts/Corps can shag a Brigadiers wife unchecked I think the MOD have got a nerve having a go at anyone else!
  7. All in a day's work.

    Let it go old boy. Let it go.