Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BROCKS, Dec 27, 2010.

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  1. Had a conversation about a mate,who's about 5'7",10 st wet thru,and in his 50s..but who's one of the handiest blokes i know,who recently due to his "normal" features,was started on whilst out with his missus,by 3 brave Gypsys(here i go again ,bringing Gypo's into it).unluckily for them,they never knew the old adage of "never judge a book by its cover"anyway the rsult was 2 x sleeping on the footpath pikeys and one with shit-stained pants ,moonwalking away at high speed.Got me thinking?ive known many Big hard lads,from my time in the army,lads lobbing 96lb shells up the breach of an M109 like there a bag of sugar(not that you'd put sugar up the breach)and lads in civvy strasse,on the doors and gyms etc.Recall as a junior leader,a troop sgt arriving from 29 cdo ,the guy was about 5'4"(or whatever the min height must have been??) and perhaps 8/9 stone,but with his agressive jock accent,green lid,dagger and wings,he got us young uns shitting ourselves,turned out to be a really nice guy,and must have had some hard times,proving himself?.on the other side,in regt in Germany,i represented the regt T-O-W team along with a giant of 6'10" and 23 st,imaginitavely named "Tiny" who was one of the softest lads i ever met!(i also have the bad look of working with one now in civvy,who's a bell-end and realises his size means jack shit,but thats another story) who's your misconceptions,from your time in green,who have proved themselves,perhaps in a David and Goliath manner.
  2. Preconception surely ?

    pre·con·cep·tion (prkn-spshn)
    An opinion or conception formed in advance of adequate knowledge or experience, especially a prejudice or bias
  3. cheers for that..im just a thick cunt! obviously been brayed by too many little fellas trying to prove themselves? ;)
  4. I know what you mean though, we used to have an engineer at my last job, 6 foot + rugby player, I didnt speak to him for months as I thought he'd rip my head off in an amusing rugby playing manner. Turned out he was the softest pussy in the factory.
  5. Was he a medic? If so, refer to my thread in RAMC/QARANC...
  6. No mate he was a gunner,large as life but soft as shite..could imagine every regt has got a giant named tiny tho eh?
  7. I'm 6'1 tall and pretty well built - so much so before now had someone jump out on me (with knife in hand) to mug me, take one look then jump back again. (thank god!)
    I was also an immediate candidate for T O W & rugby, despite a complete lack of skill at either - however, I am widely regarded as "nice" (behind my back that may be pronounced "soft as shite"). So much so I was even told once it was the reason for non-promotion.
    In contrast my old self defence instructor looked like an ancient, stooped, one-eyed, dribbling bafoon of a man, barely qualified to drive a broom - yet could have me flying through the air in about 2 pico-seconds.
  8. I'm hard as fuck. Well on the internet I am anyway. I'm probably the hardest internet bloke on the internet.
  9. 23 stone on a Tug of War team?! What weight category were you in 'Frigate' :D Unless you had some emaciated, stick insects on the squad aswell.
  10. I find that blokes who actually are hard are the ones that don't act the hard man. It's the ones that act hard who usually aren't that hard.
  11. I know a perfect example of that. Someone with the initials S T G who is shit scared of my dog (and me and Scoobs), but I can't put his full name on here because he knows where I live.
  12. That is an utter dogshit example.
  13. The hardest motherfuckers of all. They laugh in the face of nuclear holocausts.

  14. Wasn't that factoid debunked?
  15. Annotated Mythbusters: Episode 97: Plane on a Conveyor Belt, Cockroach Survival, Shaving Foam Shenanigans