Miscarriage of Justice New Appeal For Barry George

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by seenoff, Jun 20, 2007.

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  1. "Mr George has now spent seven extremely difficult years in custody for a conviction which we believe that, in the fullness of time, will be seen as one of the gravest miscarriages of justice of recent years," George's solicitor Jeremy Moore

    Anybody remember any others.........Everybody knows about the most famous miscarriages of justice – those involving Irish terrorism and, more recently, cot deaths... anymore?
  2. The Bridgewater Four
  3. Billy Jo? In most of these case's I am not convinced of their innocence, but the evidence is suspect. But I truly believe you cannot convict someone on some of the poor evidence provided. I think the jury in many of these cases; see the high profile of the trial as extra evidence of guilt?

    Oh thought of another one, the paperboy killing of Carl Bridgewater?
  4. Do you have complete confidence in the justice system that an innocent man can NEVER be convicted?

    |If you do its more confidence than I have, and I have worked in the system.

    If such confidence exists why does this forum ****ing whinge like a girl so much every time a serviceman is convicted of an offence?
  5. How will John "Stalin" Reid or "Chubby" Goldsmith explain this one to the unwashed?

    I wonder how much compensation he will get for being locked up and will it be blamed on " a series of small errors" rather than a fit up?

    Will any of the Police Officers or the CPS be brought to task? more than likely they will be promoted and given MBE's for being Misfite of the British Empire.

    Cynical, Moi, never!
  6. BBR Whom is having a whinge?
  7. The search for the truth in an inquisitorial system of justice would require the expenditure of resources that it would be politically and economically undesirable for society to expend in order to achieve the desired purpose of a criminal justice system. That is, to deter those who would seek to commit crime by the certain and sure knowledge that they will face a consequence of committing it.

    To this end, as far as the state is concerned, the individual has no intrinsic value as a human being. He will be sacrificed to achieve the wider utilitarian purpose of the criminal justice system. It is actually irrelevant whether an individual is guilty or innocent in fact as long as the peasants actually believe that his guilt has been proved beyond reasonable doubt in law and a conviction obtained under an adversarial system.

    If the lumpen mass of the population in their docile servility are convinced of guilt, then that is as good as the real thing.

    This is how the state operates it's criminal justice system to project the illusion of it's infallible omnipotence to meet the demands of a desired utilitarian purpose!

    The Police constructed a suitable psychological profile of the killer of Rachel Nicole on Wimbledon Common and then searched until they found a suitable candiate to fit the profile they had constructed in the name of Colin Stagg. They then used a policewoman to exploit the sexual inadequacies of this vulnerable man in order to frame him for the murder. Fortunately for him, he appeared before a judge who saw through the Police deception and was rather scathing of the methods used by the Police to secure a conviction. The damage was, however done and Stagg's life was ruined.

    Stefan Kizcoe, 16 years for a for a rape and murder is was impossible for him to commit. Another lonely educationally sub-normal man against who similar pressure was placed. He was released on appeal when it was found that his sperm did not match that found inside the body of the victim - he died shortly after his release.

    Stephan Kizcoe, Colin Stagg, Barry George, loners, social outcasts, vulnerable, socially unproductive with few friends or dependants who would miss them, no intellectual or financial resources likely to pose much of an inconveniently credible defence in anything like an equality of arms as against the state - Low-hanging fruit, ripe for picking, framing, vilification, demonisation and thoroughly expendable!

    Think it does not happen in the United Kingdom?

    Think again!
  9. The Police were baffled but eventually found a credible suspect and proceeded to build a case with what they had. It happens all the time.

    Now it was a very poor case and one that the CPS were very worried about but the pressure to get a result, any result, was huge. Having got a result, there is even greater pressure to try and sustain it.

    Barry George may indeed have done it. But there is no evidence that he did and that is what matters. See story from 2002 and since then further details have emerged that cast doubt on the prosecution case


    Six years on, evidence that helped convict TV presenter's murderer is deemed valueless
  10. I think that is a fair and accurate comment Blogg.

    All the best
  11. George isn't free yet. Getting lawyers to agree to a retrial- and pots more taxpayers cash- is about as difficult as getting a glaswegian down the pub.
    I saw in the torygraph that George is a creature, all of his previous convictions, including rape, will be admissable in court. He's fjorked. It's just a gravy train for lawyers.
  12. You are, of course correct that previous convictions are now relevant and admissible in evidence in criminal trials but they are limited to issues of credit and do not go to fact. Since the facts in issue would appear to relate solely to probative value of the forensic evidence I would submit that nothing would turn on his previous convictions on appeal. I think that the issue will be whether and to what extent the jury were properly directed to have regard to the forensic evidence in the summing up by the judge following the end of the closing speeches by counsel in the original trial.

    All the best