Miscarriage of Justice & Compensation

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skunkmiester, Jul 9, 2013.

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  1. I have always been under the impression that if you were incorrectly jailed for a crime that you didn't commit, you would be handsomely compensated for the Crown's mistake.

    In the eyes of the law Barry George is not guilty of Jill Dando's murder. However he has now lost his bid for compensation.

    BBC News - Barry George loses Jill Dando compensation bid ruling

    So it is ok for this country to lock someone up for 8 years and for their reputation to be destroyed, and the country just has to say 'whoops, sorry about that'?

    I'd expect to be supplied with hot and cold running Lamborghini's if I had lost 8 years of my life to a MoJ cockup.

    Not that I think he is innocent, but in the 'eyes of the law' he is.

    n.b. No, I have not caught BounceBanana Loony Syndrome, I just stumbled across this story whilst looking for pics of boobies.
  2. The alternative viewpoint would be that he's had 8 years board and lodging already ...
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  3. From the BBC report

    Legal eagle I ain't but does this statement not suggest that only the appeal judges understood the evidence which acquitted?

    One would presume the Birmingham 6 and Guildford mob would have been reasonably convicted by a jury then later cleared. Bet they got a handout.

    Mr George's face did not fit he made monkeys out of the Met, therefore he has to pay.

    I lived a couple of streets away from Dando at the time of the Murder in Fulham and followed the case closely. I could see early on he was being stitched up by detectives who given the pressure they were under were desperate for a result.

    Sure he was an odd ball but take away the once piece of evidence which tied him in which was the firearms residue on his coat and he was one oddball amongst a London full or them. Is was the discrediting of how this residue found it's way onto his coat which led to the aquittal.

    Dando was topped by some Yugo gansgter mob out to prove themselves, maybe maybe not as a result of something she did in her work with the BBC. Professional hit straight in and straight out, unless someone talks from inside that organisation they will never know who did it.

    George was/is special needs, he never had the wherewithal to make the hit in the professional manner it was carried out.
  4. Another story has emerged suggesting George was 'fitted up'..

    Jill Dando was shot dead by olive-skinned assassin, says eyewitness | Mail Online

  5. You know when people want a death penalty as nothing can go wrong these days.
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  6. As I read it, he had a trial and was found guilty, later to be acquitted on appeal.
    It wasn't a mistake of the courts, more (allegedly) "bad" police work.
    I would think that Mr George's case should be against the police who "stitched him up" (allegedly).
  7. I'm pro death penalty for where the evidence is incontrovertible, which it certainly wasn't in this case.

    IMO BG was fitted up because he was easy & the Met were being pressured & desperate for a result.
  8. He's either guilty or he's not. If he is then he needs to be in prison. If he isn't, then he needs mega compensation for 8 years in prison. There should be no middle ground.

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  9. Anything else is going down the 'Li'l Bill Daggett' route of justice: "Innocent? Innocent of what?"
  10. Given the advances in DNA technology there are now going to be some crimes where there can be absolutely no doubt who has committed the act.

    They could give the decision to the jury who has heard all the evidence and have returned the guilty verdict. But would many juries still condemn in this fashion?

    Then on the other hand what do you do with those who plead guilty in the hope of gaining clemency?
  11. Weird. Not an Angel, but innocent of killing Dando?

    This from 2011:

    The claim was heard in the High Court; however in their summing up, judges Lord Justice Beatson and Mr Justice Irwin said: "There was indeed a case upon which a reasonable jury properly directed could have convicted the claimant of murder", and on the strength of this, denied George compensation for wrongful incarceration.[SUP][29][/SUP]

    So, is it "We know you did it but cant prove it therefore no cash?" Surely this is also a MoJ?

    Barry George - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  12. And he'd have hung for it. Your first line doesn't take into account that he was found guilty of murder on the evidence presented to the court. The evidence which negated the firearms residue issue came later. He'd have been long dead by then.
  13. No.
    Had I been a juror, the single microscopic grain of propellant residue would assuredly NOT have convinced me of his guilt & without that, the rest was circumstantial & therefore a long way from incontrovertible.
  14. You would have been one juror of twelve. So you'd have been of significance for 2hrs and 10 mins at which point the Judge will have accepted a majority verdict of upto 10-2.
  15. In the '90s, the Serbs were being blamed for everything and anything by the media on the nod from government puppeteers. Given that 'we' were bombing them at the time, it really was no suprise that the media managed to come up with the speculatory link that same nasty Serbian warlord ordered the hit.

    Which would have already happened if a Serbian criminal gang were behind it. They do like to brag, you know.