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Also tried to post on T2T but something's amiss. Someone to fit the fol post is urgently required - ideally suit ex R Signals officer, Yeoman or equivalent.

Management Information Systems Policy Consultant

Introduction. As part of the bid process to answer a Government RFP, a competing consortium are seeking a number of consultants with specific experience, qualities and skills to form a team, which will provide advisory support at a strategic level in a number of key areas. The aim of the project is to assist in the conduct of Security Sector development and defence transformation over a period of 3 years (may be extended by 2 years). The Team will provide the Client (a Government and its Armed Forces) with strategic level support in assisting them in developing policy, establishing management systems, coordinating and managing capacity building activities and training and providing mentoring. Contract award is likely to take place in July 2008 and consultants would be required to start in late 2008.

Role. The MIS Policy Consultant’s role is to advise and assist the Client in developing and agreeing an effective Management Information System policy, strategy and implementation plan with emerging defence policy and White Paper findings, which will underpin the defence transformation process. This role will include the development of effective and pragmatic policy documents and management procedures, the coordination of effective capacity building activities and training initiatives and day-to-day mentoring support. You will report to the Transformation Team Leader, who has responsibility for coordinating all activities in this area.

Skills and Experience Required. Given the Client’s likely expectations, we are looking for an ex-military officer or Warrant Officer to fill this post. The skills and experience we are looking for are:

• Broad experience in command and training and MIS staff appointments.
• Experience in the MOD or similar working in the development of MIS policy.
• Overseas experience working with non-NATO countries in a MIS capacity, particularly policy advice or development.
• Strong communications skills, particularly written, excellent initiative and a pragmatic and practical approach.
• Excellent interpersonal skills, a great sense of humour and patience and perseverance.

More specifically:

An assessment of the overall situation and requirements for MIS and comms bearer system for data that needs to be moved.
· Identification of possible options given a large area and very basic existing comms (HF)
· Likely drafting of RFPs/Sp Package
· Tech advice on tender docs
· Supervision of implementation
· Definition of MIS Org and training required to sp the ‘simple’ system.

Outline Terms and Conditions.

• Contract duration 3 years, extendable to 5 years.
• Likely commitment 100 days consultancy per year. Majority of this period will be spent in-country with the balance being delivered from home or in the UK.
• Daily rate would be approx £600 – 650 per day with all subsistence, travel, insurace etc looked after separately.

Next Steps. PM for further contact details or email commspost[at]veribox.net . Please be ready to submit a short (2 page) CV and contact details. The CV should specifically include any experience you have in working with, training or development work with national forces in Africa. Likely start date: End 2008.

Edited to add email POC.
jacob5654 said:
Also tried to post on T2T but something's amiss. Someone to fit the fol post is urgently required - ideally suit ex R Signals officer, Yeoman or equivalent.

Management Information Systems Policy Consultant
FofS/Supvr (IS) surely, rather than YofS?

I will post something on the Foreman IS community of practice site, to see if anyone is interested or can pass it on.
Thanks very much - frankly it could be either - it is part IER definition and part consequent solution recomendation using a variety of systems over some longish distances.

The team putting this together are a good bunch and have some very respectable history. No Equatorial Guinea crowd here!!.

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