Mirror to name fake photo 'soldiers'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ViroBono, May 16, 2004.

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  1. Today's Sunday Express reports that the Daily Mirror is to give the SIB the names of the soldiers who sold them the fake photos. They do not explain why, in the public interest, the Mirror has not done it before now.
  2. Yeah and the Mirror hadn't even handed over the money to the cnuts yet, so they got fcukall out of it - stupid fcukers.
  3. RunForrest - believing what you read in the papers? :wink:
  4. :D Fair one! I'll just stick to me Lizardmen for the real gen...
  5. Whats the problem ?? -SIB should find them soon, how difficult can it be to find Soldiers called A, B and C.
  6. All the lads I work with are called A. A, A.
  7. Perhaps its been commented on before on another thread, but the clowns who staged those photographs were TA. Their American equivalents were responsible for their country's fiasco................what is it with weekend soldiers?
  8. Is that a definite or just another part of the rumour-mill?
  9. As a Medic on Telic 1 , i can confirm, if true, that the TA create mayhem wherever they go. 202 Field Hospital (TA) were a joke !! Both professionally and as Soldiers.
  10. Cheers.

    Informative opinion on the TA too - haven't really heard much about their behaviour in iraq (cue... lots and lots of old threads!.....)
  11. We're not all THAT bad - it tends to be the really fcuking Walter Mitty types that are actually the biggest clowns. We have a Bombardier in my unit who everyone calls 'The Brigadier' because he claims to be such a super soldier...
    Advice on webbing 'based on his experience in Bosnia'
    "Ive been shot twice"
    Carries the biggest knife ive every seen (why?????)
    And yet everyone who knows him will tell you that he has never been on ops, fails all his ITDs every year and last month actually shat himself with fear on a live fire exercise. Toss pot!
    The more understanted chaps tend to be the better ones, probably because most of them are either ex regular, pre regular, or have been on ops and take their training seriously. Everyone else is just interested in playing at soldiers and drinking beer. Nobbers. (As you can probably guess, im not particularly comfortable with my current unit.)
  12. They did not name them because of the 'press code' of protecting their sources of information. Despicable though it may seem to us, this is how they work and how the press gets access to sensitive information. Now the sources have been shown to be false, the 'code' no longer exists and the names can be released.

    However, I would advise some caution on this forum. To get a 'fair trial' the accused need to judged by an impartial jury. If lots of personal details about the accused are posted on this forum and subsequently become widely disseminated by the press 'because the information is already available on the internet', then a sharp civvy barrister could get them off simply on the argument that they would not get a fair trial. There are many famous legal incidents where damning evidence was not admissable in court, because it had been corrupted by being made widely available before the trial.

    If you really do have sensitive information/evidence against the accused (once they're named), please pass it up the normal chain of command, rather than posting it on the forum.
  13. Wise words Greendoc,

    I would hate to think the shysters would get them off , on a legal point.
  14. Bodyarmour (presumably deep down there is something missing) the TA create mayhem where ever they go.

    Are you talking about the clinical/surgical staff who are full time professionals or the support staff who are trained (?) by the regular army.

    I cannot comment on the professional people (I'm only an infanteer) but I do know that the people who train the support staff are regular, and if many of them did their job better then perhaps the TA would create less mayhem.

    Then again I may just be very stupid and not a really bright sort who can't think of anything better to do.

    I've been in the TA over thirty years, and worked with and being trained by many good Regular Officers and SNCOs. I've no illusions about the TA but then again I've no illusions about the Regular Army (and for the past twelve years I've worked exclusively with the Regs).

    With, one exception, I have found that the people most critical of the TA have been those who have been very second (or indeed third) string.

    I was in Centurion when the TA took over from the Regs and had many conversations with some rightly pissed off people. I was on the side of the Regs, but, having latterly spoken to Commander Med I thoroughly understood the position that he was put in. Perhaps you were not so fortunate to be allowed to see the bigger picture.

  15. Seen it all now. Somebody in the TA calling someone else a Walter.

    What is it with these weekend soldiers?