Mirror to donate picture syndication money to charity

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by error_unknown, May 15, 2004.

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  1. Looks like they're still reading ARRSE:

  2. OK, seen as we can't start a pole after a subject has started, lets start sounding off about which charity it shoud be, on the "off chance" that a mirror journo is looking in.

    My favourite is the RBL (That's Royal British Legion, Mr new mirror editor).

    Any others?
  3. RBL or ABF, I'm easy.
  4. Army Ben Fund - They lost a lot of income last year due to tax changes (or something to that effect)

    Or the 'other' ABF -ARRSE Beer Fund.
  5. Hows about an Iraqi Victims of the Invasion Fund. We could start IVIF right here, right now.
  6. Hows about you fcuk off GQ and let the mirror donate the funds to a charity that helps the people (i.e. the British Squaddie) that their lies have directly affected.

    Fcuking tool
  7. Not all necessarily to "squaddies"(or am I missing something subtle in British humor here) Btw "bugger off" sounds so much cooler; could you use that next time you dis me? I get tired of hearing so much Dutch over here in the states anyway . . .
  8. OK, bugger off. You are hijacking a thread that may potentially direct the mirror into which way they will donate the funds.

    Now, seen as we all want it to go to soldiers charities (please step in normal Arrse members if I am not speaking for us all), what we do not want is "buggers" like you detracting from that, so, please "bugger off" and let us serving and ex BRITISH soldiers who these fake pictures affected have our say.
  9. No, if it was in Dutch, he'd tell you to "donder op" :p
  10. ******* off GQ, and take your holocaust denying self elsewhere. Poll launched.
  11. Why r u bringing up the "H" word?

    I think, instead of donating to the ICRC, they should donate the other half to the IVIF (Why would the ICRC help the Palestinians if they are all "terrorists," hm?)
    The ICRC in Jeninhttp://www.un.org/peace/jenin/
  12. There isn't an IVIF, it's one of your fantasies.
  13. what about the homeless ex forces as mentioned in t'other thread?
  14. *chooses to ignore the silly one above ;-)
  15. GQ Apart from having a problem with comprehending modern history you also seem not to be able to understand simple instructions.

    What part of Aunty's post did you not understand!!!

    The bit about dragging your sorry fcuk-wit self off this site? Or maybe the bit about the dosh going to a BRITISH FORCES charity ?.

    Now do us a favour and go and stick your lobotomized head in a bucket full of p1ss three times and pull it out twice - It might prove that you can breath through your arrse as well as talk out of it. Toss-pot