Mirror getting on it's soapbox!

The mirror has put this on the 'Voice of the Mirror' (http://www.mirror.co.uk/voiceofthemirror/) :-


THE first trial of a US servicemen for abusing Iraqi prisoners has resulted in a one-year jail sentence.

That is a sad end to someone's desire to serve his country. But troops who attack prisoners do terrible damage to their colleagues and their country.

Sadly it will not be much help in the battle for hearts and minds that an abuser has been sent to prison. The harm was already done.

It might help if in future coalition forces act impeccably towards captives.

Though it won't make any difference if the Americans slaughter innocent civilians at a wedding party.
Now I may be wrong but weren't they the ones who printed unsubstansiated hoax stories and pictures of British soldiers abusing prisoners? It didn't matter about the damage to their soldiers and their country then did it? "The harm was already done." Anything for a story and very short memories the hipocritical w4nkers!
So easy to write that sort of stuff from the comfort of an office. Don't see war correspondants reporting in that sort of prejudiced manner do you? I know it's wrong, but to try to take the high ground, with their history........ Some people have no shame.
Newspapers, whatever political affiliation or name, will shaft their own mother for a story. So it really comes as no shock that the Mirror has a hypicritical face. If it wasn't them then it would be another red-top :roll:
there are 3 jobs in this country you would only do if you were a seriously sad f**ker and no one else would have you
1.politician,you will kiss any arse to get to the top , lie cheat and generally
slime your way through life. :evil:
2.screw. you make a living out of lockin people up , and haven't even got the good grace to do it with a smile on your face. :evil: :evil:
3. jornalist. your living is generally other peoples misery , be it of their own making , or the stuff you made up to sell your soul to the devil. :evil:
I'm sure there's loads more but there my top 3 scumbags.
ib think the protocol for having a job which earns you the title
"proper , proper cnut" , are as follows
1. it must be entered into voluntarily (fnar)
2. you must be a proper , proper cnut.
3.see item 2. :wink:
although i must admit the chesse eating surrender monkeys are lower than worm sh*t in a wheel rut , i don't think they qualify as they had no choice in there accident of birth...... oh f**k it leave em in. :lol:
Lets not forget Piers as a brother (a gallant officer of her majesty's infantry). His unit left Iraq just before the picture Scam. Shock , Horror and revelation.


Yes, but we're a necessary evil I'm afraid. :evil: :evil: :twisted:

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