Mirror Broken Covenant article and part time SoSs response

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Aug 19, 2007.

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  1. I think Browne's claims deseve further analysis, such as the "small number" of troops not meeting harmony guidelines, and what exactly this government has done on accommodation since it "inherited" the defence estate some....err....ten years ago.



  2. I wonder how he'd react if we applied 'harmony guidelines' to the payment of his salary and allowances?

    Is there a word that encapsulates contempt, disgust, revulsion and visceral hatred?
  3. Condescending, patronising, self centered Weasel. Totally beneath my contempt. Had the misfortune of sharing a Herc with him on the way back to Bastion after R&R. Waited for the Weasel to tip up in his A/C armoured wagons with all of his protection. Crabs fawned after him like there was no tomorrow and the fecker looked like a rabbit trapped in the headlights. :x :x :x :x
  4. He has had long enough now to have an effect (any effect) on the MOD and sadly is not up to the job. It is about time this guy was sacked - the best he does is a a good line in non-answers (see above).

    I understand that the Government as a whole (Gordon Brown that means you - Both as Prime Minister and the one who held the purse strings for so long) should be held to account for failing us so badly case but Browne and Twigg are beyond the pale. You did not inherit any of this from a past administration people; you cannot continue to use these weasel words.

    The saddest thing of all is that we are held in such scant regard that they allow him to double hat (Scotland Minister) for political reasons.
  5. Cunts

  6. Debbi Allbutt has been through Hell, she was robbed not long after Steves death, her mobile was stolen with his last message, pictures etc gone, the scumbags who did this got caught and dealt with though, not only by the law but umm outside the law, didnt help her though.
  7. This article will hopefully highlight the forthcoming campaign by the RBL, challenging the government to address the issues arising from the paultry treatment of those who have served their country.

    Covered here;


    This petition should have the highest priority as by winning this motion it would be hoped that all the issues - Gurkhas/housing/medical treatment, etc, can be addressed using the covenent as a big stick to beat those in power with.

    I for one am suprised by the lack of enthusiasm by ARRSE users to support this petition and gain momentum for an overarching cause that could deal with a mulititude of issues concernning HMF.

    Please sign this petition now.

    With regards to the articles above apologies for slightly hijacking this thread, but the spin and half truths spoken by our SoS Def (part time) beggars belief. Just one of these how "34 beds at Selly Oak" equates to adequate is beyond me, bearing in mind casualties from current operations.

    How many I ask were available at Hasler?

    Absolute drivel spoken by a government spin merchant.

    Sign the petition enshrine the unwritten covenent into law.
  8. Just noticed this;

    "Q Former army chief Sir Mike Jackson has said the standard of military housing was "frankly shaming". When are service families going to start seeing changes in the standard of their housing?

    A the legacy of housing which we inherited will take us years to resolve. We plan to invest £5billion doing that."

    You've had 10 fcuking years to resolve this and many other issues.

    "We plan to invest £5billion doing that", Plan fcuking PLAN, I Plan to leave HMF, I plan to go on leave, go on give us a time frame 200k+ houses are currently being built in the UK pa, you haven't even managed to upgrade current housing stock in the 10 years you've been in power.


    Nurse my medicine please.
  9. Well done the RBL.

    Also in today's Sunday Mirror:

    Full piece at link
  10. I actually believe, that Swiss Des, unlike TCH does have his heart in the right place as regards troops welfare issues.

    The problem is, he is not nearly forceful enough in translating his wishes and desires to have the right thing done into actions. It seems to me, that he'd like to get more done, but without rocking the boat.

    Sorry Sir, but sometimes that boat needs a damn good rocking, and you'd enchance your reputation 10 fold , with the Forces and the British public, if you were seen to start demanding the best available for our people.

    With all due respect Sir, you need to sack up and re-engage with the bean counters , drop the other job, and get back to fully supporting those who fully support you.
  11. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

  12. "Q But while the troop numbers are going down in Iraq, the casualty toll in Afghanistan is now 1 in 36 on a tour of duty. The chances of a soldier not coming back are now among the highest in any conflict the last 100 years, aren't they?

    A these figures, I think, are distorted. I don't accept the one-in-36 analysis. My attitude to this is that every person we lose in Afghanistan or Iraq or who is injured in Afghanistan or Iraq is a human being and not a statistic."

    So exactly what are the figures of casualties on TELIC/HERRICK then. What is the ratio, the issue of reporting casualties from theatres was first muted by the CGS in Sep 06, http://www.arrse.co.uk/cpgn2/Forums/viewtopic/t=47635.html
    and you STILL can not/will not, quote from facts.

    As my parting shot (the nurse says I should lie down in a darkened room with whale music playing), listen you tosser this govenment has had 10, yes 10 fcuking years to sort this cluster out and apart form deploying it's military forces all over the world and increasing its budget "1.5%in real terms by 2010 has done very little in the way of policy and or support for HMF.

    This governments treatment of service personnel and resources would not look out of place in the days of Florence Nightingale, incompetant and uncaring.
  13. stinker: well said.
  14. Sicked that they can keep pretending that you can fight an a WAR for that is what it is on 2 fronts on a peacetime budget and with less resources than we have every had a military medical service that is being driven back to the age of the crimea ....... and piece meal equipeing that would befit a 3rd world nation.

    Brown held the purse strings and swiss needs to stop pretending that he cant do anything.

    is there no honor left is this why myself and others here gave up the best years of our life's, thankful for me i am now out and safe how many others must be torn and killed before this disgraceful government act properly and the official opposition and other parliamentarians act !
  15. What evidence can be offered to prove he cares any more than the rest of the shower we have had in charge thus far?

    1. The fact that his ministry has decided to release a DIN controlling what we might say in order to win the argument/stifle difficult stories?

    2. The fact that during a period of high operational intensity and the loss of life of hundreds of servicemen nothing has improved for the the AF aside from a few soundbite policies with limits such as:

    a. Tax apparently given back whilst on certain operations - this does not include Qatar, Falklands etc despite the fact that they are still taking soldiers away from their home base and they are there for operational reasons.

    b. The fact that equipment is being improved (the majority of which was only changed when scandal hit rather than because their need was predicted using something I like to call foresight and planning) where it is cheap enough to do so (still no real improvement on the SH front for example).

    I cannot actually think of any more; can anyone help me out here? Have they increased X factor or welfare allowances or provided better support for families? Has training improved (I have attended quite a few OPTAGs and they are scandalous and in a state of chaos)?

    3. Medical Services not up to the task of helping those injured on actice duty. Has Gordon Brown visited Selly Oak (did Tony Blair?). Apparently Des Browne quotes the fact that there are 34 beds now and things are improving :x

    4. Families who have lost loved ones are in a huge queue for inquests due to a lack of coroners/support.

    5. Soldiers are now having to sign to say they are aware of the need for life insurance. The reason behind this must be the recent spate of pathetic settlements/compensation for injuries sustained. They can now say we were advised of the risks involved thus taking the argument away that a health and safety payout for an office injury is greater than that of a battlefield death or injury.

    6. When some of our servicement were held prisoner by a foreign power (Iran) and despite what people have said about their conduct; we did nothing. We had put them in harms way and were afraid to act/protect them.

    7. Problems with our method of voting had to be raised by HACKLE (well done sir). Only then were our concerns vaguely addressed.

    8. The stock of shoddy defence housing and Single Accommodation is still in ruin. Des Browne mentioned this lately and as pointed out by stinker, where is the coherent plan for improving things? It's no use trumpeting the new builds that have been put on hold again and again (the money for which is qouted as actual spend rather than fair-weather plans and nice to haves). What you need to do is spend money on the worst accommodation NOW...

    Not an attack on you PTP but please tell me why he is better than TCH or Reid?