Mirror article - Our Heroes Betryayed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Jan 28, 2007.

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  1. The issue of medical care is covered once more, and compared with the way US veterans are treated.


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  2. Im glad that the RBL are voicing concerns and that the plight is in the media again.
    That last comment makes my blood boil though.
    Better care in NHS hospitals eh? What a load of rubbish.
    I have seen first hand the way uniformed personell are treated by some at Selly Oak. Not the staff but the public.
    Dirty looks and snidey comments. What an absolute disgrace.
  3. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I am sure it has been posted a 1000 times, for all the Yanks faults, the DoD look after their veterans 100%. They have a ID card which gives them access to US facilities, PX, medical/ dental. As an ex soldier I cannot get near a camp.

    Sad, the US have 200 military hospitals, the Germans have 7, we have no dedicated Mil Hospital. All driven by budgets and cost cutting. the Gonvernment use excuses like, 'Lack of training scope, limited injury types, the need to tap into the "excellent" NHS, etc etc'

    The conflicts in the Middle East have thrown up a huge number of servicemen who require a mutitude of types of support be it medical or financial or just support which is obviously lacking on all fronts. If half the stories the tabloids roll outare based on fact then we have problem that no one at the MoD can grasp. Twigg pratled on about how great we are doing on the MoD webchat and didnt answer one question up front, TCH was just a vague and left with a whimper.

    The solutions seen by every servicemen are now un affordable according to the Bliar camp and we will never see a dedicated militay hospital in operation again. Instead our wounded will return to share a ward with civilians, MRSA and crap food.

    Good luck to all now serving and maybe there is a lot to be learned of the US Medical services.
  4. Incidentally, unlike the duty the Secretary of State for Health has to provide healthcare for civilian, but not service, residents in the UK, there is no such duty on the Secretary of State for Defence for treatment of injured service personnel - Tommy Atkins all over again. :thumbdown:
  5. That will be the Sunday version of the paper that ran the Iraqi POW abuse claims.......???


    Support from then lying qunts...??

    Thanks - but no thanks.
  6. Journo double standards - scum of the earth - only interested in sales. If you had a disabled vet trying to cross the road in rush hour it would be the Journo beeping at him to get out of the way of his shiney new Jag!
  7. But come on though fella's, yes journo's are the scum of the earth. However surely any media attention is better than none.
    Yes its a scumbag tabloid, but if the great unwashed read it then all the better.
  8. I take your point and it is pretty hard to argue against it, but the thought of any of those lying maggots from The Mirror Group 'cosying up' to the plight of injured serviceman and women makes me want to puke.
  9. The whole situation makes me sick. This is one thing that our american cousins have definitely got right ! Wonder how much it would cost to set up and run a privately owned hospital providing treatment solely to service wounded with seconded or ex personnel running it ??
  10. Im still rather impressed with the RBL officially speaking out. They do a fantastic job and I for one am proud to hand money over to them on a regular basis.
    Although regardless of who reported it, as long as Sir Jock Stirrup plays it down, the plight will not gain much ground I fear, and it will fade away when someone does a Jill Dando on the latest Big Brother contestants.
  11. And they wonder why they have a recruitment problem ? :pissedoff: .
  12. We all know that seriously injured personnel from either Afghanistan or Iraq are not sent directly to UK, but always go to the US facilities at Ramstein in Germany. This is for two reasons.
    Firstly, there are few if any facilities in the UK that are equipped or experienced in dealing with the kinds of injuries that most of these service personnel have encountered.
    Secondly, the UK Press have absolutely no chance of getting a look in at these facilities - ergo no bad press regarding the injured/exact figures/ type of injury etc.
    You might this is appears cynical - well it is!
  13. Gents,

    Some replies edited or deleted. This subject is rightly going to attract emotive responses, but please bear in mind, well framed and eloquent answers , are far more likely to receive a response and further coverage in the media, than ranting invective filled posts.

    The previous Selly Oak thread saw responses from the highest levels.

    This story from the Mirror, shows there is still work to do, please think about your responses before you post. A lot of people ranting and swearing is only going to encourage a slopey shoulders stance in those we need to be taking notice, and further publicising this outrageous state of affairs.


  14. Perhaps we should publish our own newspaper? ; the ARrse Digest or the ARrse Guardian, or the ARrse Times?
  15. Apologies PTP,
    Outstanding, is that actually true? Im sure some of the worse cases may well go there as it is closer. However what about all the nightly flights direct to Birmingham Airport. and the subsequent Helicopters flying into Selly Oak post haste.
    The staff at Selly Oak do their utmost for the privacy of the injured troops. However those that have been there will know that its a large hospital and many of the depatments are in seperate buildings. Privacy is not always maintained.
    Also Selly Oak do not have all the departments required, this often means a trip to the Queen Elizabeth hospital down the road. Again with the QE, it is a large hospital with many visitors, and to get to certain departments you have to go through others. Hence alot of the time injured soldiers are seen.
    We need specialist military hospitals so occurances like this do not happen, im not sure what the families do if their loved ones are in Selly Oak, but the housing system they have in the USA seems good.
    On a different note (slighty) Where will injured troops go when Selly Oak is torn down?
    When the Queen Elizabeth and Selly Oak hospitals merge to form the 'super hospital' what then?

    Selly oaks a gonner

    Edited to add link