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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by helter-skelter, May 9, 2012.

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  1. Thousands of soldiers suffer mental hell but only FOUR get MoD payouts - Mirror Online

    at the risk of sound obtuse i am somewhat concerned about some of the points made in the article (i dont make a habit of reading red tops but it was in the canteen at work)

    has compensation culture now spread its foul wings into the military? i say this as a former serviceman but the risks are known and well documented when the individual joins. surely the serials in training, the bayonetting, the rough and tumble of fieldcraft and exercises must tune the young soldier of today into the possibility that he or she 'may' see and be exposed to unsightly things of a multitude of natures?

    does the RN surgeon who spends 6 months patching up and treating injured troops of all severitys ask for compo when he gets home? its a point worth raising, do his team of dedicated staff? No! but the MOD is now being pilliored into possibly having to pay out millions in compo to thousands of 'PTSD' sufferers, which again, is a phrase i think is grossly overused.

    the train driver who runs over a suicidal teen deserves such a payout
    the teacher, beaten and attacked in school deserves such a payout

    the soldier exposed to the realities of a war zone? I dont think so.
  2. So you've met so many people suffering from PTSD and studied the subject that intently that you can spot who does and who doesn't deserve compensation?

    So you think a train driver who receives training on the potential of hitting someone on a track and receives sick leave and extensive counselling afterwards is more worthy of compensation than a serviceman/woman who witnesses first hand a comrade who may well be their best mate getting parts of their body blown to bits or killed?

    PTSD is certainly not over used in military circles, in fact I'd say the exact opposite is true. The military are certainly trying their best in very trying times to address the issue both in service and out, with treatment and compensation being part of the support package.
  3. Thank you for joining today to share that with us journalist.
  4. poor wind up ********
  5. Hi Andrew

    Journo twat.jpg

    Can't see this as a quote Andrew, so I assume your spellchecker is broken?

    EuroMillions millionaire Gavin Davies 'hit partner wile in car' - Mirror Online
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  6. it is grossly overused, even those with nominal service with no kinetic deployments are clogging up the usual agencies with their PTSD claims.
  7. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    Best to ignore it, eh?

    Might go away.

    Clucking bell dodger, when you hear the ex CO a battalion that had the largest amount of rounds expended since Korea (presumably, to help you along with some simple deductions, in response to incoming), talk quite openly of the impending bow wave of a tsunami of PTSD, then you can appreciate the issue, in a general sense.

    Or you can be an utter throbber and keep the upper lip as stiff as the stick up your hoop.
  8. You don't think so,Mmmmm you are obviously an expert on PTSD and on Battle Field Injuries and a Journo to boot,so everything you say must be true eh,,,,****
    Journo's deserve nothing but contempt in compensation for their lies/half truths/rumour and scandal.........
  9. To the hole .......
  10. PTSD is a mental injury - if soldiers are injured, then the state should care for them.

    Or are you suggesting that those with their legs blown off should be left to their own devices, as they knew the risks?
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    1. Battlefield Tours

    & everyone in canteen knows about ARRSE? Yea right!
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  12. Where do I sign up to receive a stack of Mikado Daim?
  13. I thought that was some fella.
  14. It seems to me, as one of those unworthy in your eyes, that you've got a fundamental misunderstanding of what PTSD actually is and what it does to those affected. My service was typical of lads these days with 2 tours in 2 different shitholes, I was certainly nothing special or unique. I saw a bit of unpleasant stuff, as I expected to and while it wasn't fun to see and do it was within what I could process and comprehend. The job was there to be done and it was. But what damaged me personally was the total helplessness and overwhelming guilt about not being able to change what happened to a very close mate. It has taken me several years and huge personal cost to accept that nothing could have changed the outcome.
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  15. Peace. You're correct, mucker. I went through a similar process though from earlier conflicts when no-one admitted to having PTSD, eventually you come to terms with it though it keeps coming back. Don't booze to excess and make sure you get enough sleep. Stay well.