Mirr*r mistreatment fakers to face Court Martial

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bravo_Bravo, Oct 7, 2004.

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  1. Great news... the scum that faked up the photos of mistreatment published by The Mirr*r are to face Courst Martial. Heard on radio 4 12 o'clock news.

    Nail the bastards, send them to Iraq
  2. They'll probably get let off as it would abuse their human rights. They should of course get 25 years for endangering the lives of other soldiers.
  3. Just send them to Basrah, Shaibah... I have a few pals down there would like A Quiet Word with them...
  4. Do we have any comeback on the m*rr*r legally or should it be taken personally!!!!
  5. Anyone know what happened to him? Wasn't the court martial yesterday
  6. From today's Torygraph:
  7. Apart from the initial headlines that big over here in Oz we have been well out of the loop on the follow up action. What did this clown think he was doing. Did he hate his fellow squaddies and his own Army so much that this was a deliberate action? Or are we looking at a stunt gone way out of control?

    Either way no one is going to serve with him. D*ckhead.
  8. he got offred 15000 pounds for story if he could prove allegations of prisoner abuse .So went away to fake up some photos .should have done it when he was out there locals would have co operative for a few dollars
    had to delete a couple of photos when i went to get film printed might have had some explaining to do :lol: