Mirage 2000D - Shot down in 95 in Bosnia - Ejection Seat

I met a local today in Sarajevo who has the Ejection Seat (SEMB Mark 10 zero-zero, a licence-built version of the British Martin-Baker Mark 10) from the Mirage 2000D that was shot down by a Serb fired 9K38 Igla in 1995, he was an Interpreter for British Forces at the time when he 'obtained' said item (some here on ARRSE may well know who I am talking about if he was your Interpreter). He asked me if I knew anyone who would want to buy such a thing! 8O

I guess the chap whose life it saved may well like it as a souvenir or even the French Air-Force as a 'Souvenir' :D

The two crew survived and were captured by the Serbs and later released, if anyone wants their Ejector seat back let me know here and I'll put you in contact with the chap... :D
Technocratic_Turbine said:
Ah this incident briefly mentioned here:

There was also a Royal Navy Sea Harrier which was shot down on Saturday, April 16th 1994 over the village of Gorazde. Would anyone know about it and any spare parts?

Why? Are defence cuts now so bad that the RAF needs spare parts of crashed SHARs to get the old fleet in the air?

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