Miracle in our time

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CAARPS, Jul 22, 2013.

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  1. Who would have thought that in this day and age a healthy man and woman could give birth to a baby. Especially in fact of the woefully inadequate (no expense spared) medical facilities available to them

    Unbelievable no wonder that it is plastered all over every news channel, it's only a few short decades ago that we put a man on the moon (if you believe)

    I for one am flabbergasted, also most speechless, however, I had to share my incredulity ^~
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  2. Just wait, though........

    The mother was a virgin and the father got a CSE woodwork.

    We might be saved.
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  3. The main question now is what will the sprog be called? My suggestions are Camberwell Carrot or Mrs Doyle.
  4. And there goes the thread :)
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  5. And Lo! Henceforth the child will be know as ...Baz!
  6. I believe the CC moniker is now available, hence the suggestion, but I see your point. Apologies if this goes the way of the other zillion threads from the (un)usual crew.
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  7. Camberwell- Carott Westpoint - Likesthat Windsor.

    A true prince of the people, has a certain ring to it
  8. In keeping with the biblical theme and creation and all that, how about calling him Rib? I for one would quite like a King Rib about now.
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  9. I'd quite like to read some of the card of congratulations sent by the current infestation at Westminster!

  10. Really awful, disgustingly racist joke I heard a while ago, and I punched the EDL cunt in the face for telling it to me.,....

    How do you know Adam was white?

    Have you ever tried stealing a rib off a ...............

    I just didn't fucking larf.
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  11. Prince Bwian has a nice ring to it.

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  12. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Somehow I can't see HRH James Larkin Saccho Vanzetti Guevara Cambridge getting a look in.
  13. But . . .But . . where would they find Three Wise Men???

    Plenty of Asses obviously....

    .....and Frankinsence, Gold and Myrhh have been replaced by Cocaine, Bankers Bonuses and Moroccan Black.
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  14. Does anybody actually know what Myrrh is? Mis-spelled car polish?

    Adam asks Eve "Are we black or white?"
    Eve says "I dunno, you'd better ask God"

    So Adam rocks up to God "Hey, God, am I black or am I white?"
    God says "You are what you are"

    Adam comes back to Eve and says "Guess what love? We're white"
    Eve says "How do you know?"

    Adam says "'Cos God said 'You are what you are.' If we'd been black, he'd have said 'You is what you is'

    (Dave Allan, I think.)

    Adam was more pissed off about having his name used on a shitty wee Vauxhall car.
  15. Wait, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have had a baby? No-one told me she was actually pregnant, let alone dropped it. Bloody BBC, Sky, all of 'em are rubbish. Didn't hear owt about it. Well done to them both. I for one shall be going to stand with other crowds of people somewhere with plastic Union Flags and I'll wear one of them plastic policemans hats. Might even treat myself to a plastic stab vest too. Hooray.
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