Miracle Cure for Jade Goody???

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by FatBoyGeorge, Feb 16, 2009.

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  1. Jack Tweed wheels his frail and terminally ill fiance around in a wheel chair whilst they shop for her wedding dress. Amidst reports that tragic mother has only months to live, and some apparently emotional PR by Max Clifford, there is still hope for the ignorant horse faced reality TV contestant. It has emerged that there is medical treatment available for her that will aid her in going 33% longer, giving her precious more time with her children.

    It comes in my favourite blackcurrant flavour too.


    Contrary to popular belief, there is a God after all.


    Edited cos I'm on leave and my brain isn't in gear.
  2. im such a synic. i cant stop thinking its just one huge publicity stunt and shes not actually ill
  3. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Max Mosely? Shurely Shum mistake? Mr. Quiff Clifford no less?

  4. I nearly felt sorry for her until she appeared on the radio today. Please somebody shut her up, tell her to at least try to live out the last few months with some dignity!!

    I do feel sorry for her kids - wouldn't wish that on anyone. Just not sure what is worse losing Mum or being left in charge of Kack Tweed. God help them.
  5. Vertical- My thoughts exactly. Although i was thinking .50cal.
  6. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    A miracle cure has indeed been found.

    The process involves borrowing Dr Who's Tardis, and actually going the fucking hospital instead listening to that cunt Clifford.

    Daft bint. I hope the extra money was worth it.
  7. I bet he doesn't claim his full 25% of everthing she has/gets.
  8. I too feel sorry for the kids..............for having to put up with the fat bint for so long!

    Fecking sick of reading bout her everytime I open a newspaper...just die already!!!
  9. One of VerticalGyro's in one of these:
  10. It was always gonna happen "I'm Dying" then two days later................ "Perhaps there's hope..."
    FFS I know so many people who have lost their own loved ones through cancer, my own family too. Same as the Diana thing, are these people yet in the media spotlight anymore important than those who are just the normal every day folk, our relatives and friends?????? I don't even need to answer that. I wonder how much of this "copy" selling actually gets passed on to people like cancer uk, macmillan etc? it's only gonna be a small percentage i am sure. I find it sickening to be totally hnest and Im pretty sure for once that even Jade (if she is truelly on her arse big time) would even agree that the media nowadays are such vultures it makes people like bin laden seem like teddy bears. After all they are pretty clear who they don't like, with the media it's anyone who has done good for themselves , and then made a few fuck ups.
  11. If this whole sorry affair does anything I hope it raises awareness of the need to follow-up cervical screening. Jade Goody is basically dying of ignorance, she is a victim of her own thickness. She had three years of being requested to go to the clinic and sort out her abnormal results but she was just too busy, now it is too late and two children are going to grow up without a mother.
    She may have made a shed load of money but Jade is a victim, she always was and she always will be. I don't wish her dead, she has done nothing to harm anyone she is just a rather dim, badly educted product of a broken home who made a lot of money but didn't have the intelligence to do anything with it.
    I hope that they do find a cure for her, for her children's sake, and if that cure leaves her with an allergic reaction to camera's then life will be just perfect.
  12. I don't wish cancer on anybody, no matter how much of a dozy bint they are. Although it does sicken me that she's playing on the cancer for money.
  13. Markintime - she didn't ignore it because she was too busy, but because she was scared and didn't want to know the answer. So sadly it it the same in so many cases (John Diamond - a;though a different cancer - was the same). I know this is the Naafi - but to all you gents, if your girlfriend, wife, ex-wife...has an abnormal smear and is asked to go back for a re-test, please talk to them about this and badger the heck out of them until they go. This type of cancer is one of those can can be cured. And for all you ladies...smear tests are rubbish and feel degrading and we all hate them...but please have them and please go for the re-test if asked. Early diagnosis means a HUGELY increased chance of remission and possibly cure.

    And yes, I do know this is the Naafi :)
  14. Anyone heard a mention of her donating her interview fees to charity? Has she been campaigning for more women to get screened? Has she actually done anything to raise money for the charities that have helped the devlopment of the medicines she is taking? Until I see it happen, I won't be wishing her better anytime soon. There are so many out there who given the press coverage she's had would have done so much good work, but instead she's acting the same way she always has. It's sickening.
  15. From an interview with Max Clifford on Radio SkiveLive at Lunch time today........(On Visiting Harrods ) .............. :x Mohammed The Arab allegedly gave her her wedding dress free, gratis and for Nothing !!!!!!!

    I would agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments of regular checkups,and the need to have followups.

    Having been through a scare with testicular cancer I learnt my Lesson, Bit late, But I learnt it !!!

    I dont like Jade goody but I wouldn't wish this or any form of aggressive cancer on anyone :(