MIRA Course

You mean the ex-med course ?
I did the course earlier this year, thoroughly enjoyed it, it's well worth doing. It's endorsed by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, so the qualification is worth something. The guys teaching have loads of experience, have been there and got the t-shirt, so they know what they're on about. From the sounds of it, people from all sorts of backgrounds have done the course and found it a worthwhile experience, from us students up to very experienced doctors.
I think the way we did it was slightly different from normal, but the training was really good, and the simulations excellent too. We were really chucked in the deep end, which made us learn fast. I've not yet been in a position to properly use the skills in anger, but on my next placement (I'm a med student) in a busy A&E department I was able to jump straight in helping in resus, and it put me streets ahead of the other students there. I'm also confident that I would be able to do a decent job if I came across an incident when in the middle of nowhere.
Our supervising consultant is well respected in A&E, and he thinks highly of the course.

We all came out of the course massively more confident, able to approach situations in a good, logical manner, miles better at navigation, and we really gelled as a team.
Only downside - would have been good to do the earthquake scenario more than once :D

If there are any specifics you want to know, just PM me.

(MIRA is run by exmed)
Medicine In Remote Areas :)

If you google (or there may be a link from the exmed site, I can't remember), there is an article in the BMJ about the course written by a doctor who did it before she went off on some cruise ship or some adventure or other.. can't remember what, n too lazy today to check, sorry! But it will tell you more about the course.
Not massively convinced................................
Cheers for the replies fellas...

I thought the general concensus would be positive judging by the comments from most people.

Looking foward to it!
Just wanted to post a bit of praise about the MIRA course run by ex+med in hereford.

Great course and well worth it for any one currently serving or on the circuit, off shore etc.

Had a great mix of soldiers, CP, doctors and paramedics on my course and all agreed it was beneficial.

A little prior knowledge is assumed and you are thrown in at the deep end but the instructors are spot on and can't help you enough.

Thoroughly worth it!

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