Minutes Silence in Manchester Today.... Why

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by evilgenius, Jun 15, 2006.

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  1. There is going to be/has been a minutes silence in Manchester today in memory of the manchester bombing in 96, why? No one died. This has been discussed before but surely this is just taking the biscuit. I might have a minutes silence later for that cup of milk i spilled last week.

    edited for mongness
  2. Perhaps it's in memory of the millions of pounds sterling lost to capitalists? :D
  3. I've always found it particularly annoying who people want to conduct xmins of silence for almost any sombre occasion.

    I trully believe it should be a solely military sign of respect as it originates from the silencing of the guns after the great war. (as i am sure all us mil know unlike most civvies).
  4. The Investigation into the Manchester bombing was impeaded for political reasons. What a farce!!!
  5. Well said.

    Just had a minutes silence because of my MP3 player.

    The battery died.
  6. A terrible day...

    The IRA caused 3.5 million pounds worth of improvements to the Northern sh1thole :D
  7. only because the Manc Police made a complete arrse of dealing with the situation
  8. The wheelbarrow was killed and it is military. More deserving of a minutes silence than some poxy manc red scum footballer who drank himself into an early grave - even after a second chance of life.
  9. My bold

    See, I don't totally agree. IMHO The first and second world war can not just be focused at the Military per se. A great proportion of the military at that time were conscripts and also the whole country (well, practically) joined in the effort, from the boffins at Bletchley to the people sending in any metal they could so the troops could have more bullets!

    Thus the silencing of the guns was due to a whole nations effort and thus the whole county should remember all who have fallen for the greater good! You could say that it has been hijacked by the military as a military specific event when there is a greater picture to consider. However, I don't think that is too bad a thing and a moment to remember all those (as i have said in other threads) who have made the greatest sacrifice and those of you who are currently "willing" to make that sacrifice so the likes o I can sleep safe at night is nothing but a good thing and people should not be hijacking the idea to mark events of a distictly lesser nature!

  10. I think you are both saying the same thing. It is fine to have silence for those who deliberately put their lives on the line to protect the rest of us. This can encompass the Armed Forces, Police and other Emergency Services. I had great personal difficulty in coming to terms with the concept of a silence for 9/11 or 7/7. Tragic though both those occasions were, the victims did not deliberately put themselves in a position of danger, there was no anticipation of death and in this respect they were probably no different from any one else on their way to work or at work who drops down dead for any other reason.

    As a result we have now seen this concept hijacked to encompass anything the lip trembling masses feel is worthy of a silence - next it will be a minutes silence for being knocked out of the world cup and another minute for when Henman is knocked out of Wimbledon.
  11. Its as much to mark the regeneration of the city as the attack itself.

    I settled in Manchester just after the bomb and I have to say it was a bit of a dump at the time.

    After a decade of investment its completely unrecognisable, the shopping, nightlife, C'wealth games were a huge success, the BBC is opening a media hub here...

    Its without a doubt Britain's second city now, the Provos did Manchester a huge favour!
  12. It was, funnily enough, THE best thing to happen to Manchester.

    Incidently, it was first day as a civvie, I was out shopping, to buy stuff other than DBs, jeans & a t-shirt.
  13. Juat a shame they never got the sh1thole commonly known as Old Trafford. Never mind bringing them to justice a knighthood would have been in order!
  14. My boss used o say the same about Plymouth, the Luftwaffe was the best thing that ever happened to it.

    I also want to get a very loud air horn for the 7/7.
  15. Bit harsh dingerr, George Best was not scum. He was a generous man who had an addiction to drink, sadly he paid with his life. The minutes silence and hoo-har around his funeral service was warranted. Did you see how it effected NI, not to mention other places around the world? For all Georges weakness, he put other people first, never hurt anyone and entertained generations - and that's coming from a Happy Hammer.