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Minty McGee, D Sqn HCR and A-10 friendly fire

If you've been here longer than the Brexit thread, you'll recall that we used to discuss military matters. Back in the day (03 in fact) a Guardian journalist Audrey Gillan embedded with D Sqn HCR for TELIC 1. She was also an ARRSE member (the eponymous Minty).

Anyway, she's recorded a podcast with the survivors of the "friendly fire" incident, and the accompanying article is above. Enjoy.
A shit storm for all involved, but particularly those on the receiving end. A colleague of mine was involved in the similar RRF incident in GW1, I'm convinced he's never really recovered.


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Minty McGinty rather than McGee if memory serves but that was interesting. Cheers A-t-G.



This is the result of that A10 strike...
The lad who was shot in the buttocks with DU rounds, just how big was his bloody arse?


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