MINT dont know where you live - but may try to tax you.


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A charge for £27.35 for Government Stamp Duty appeared on the Mint Card Statement.

A phone call to MINT:

"Whats this £27.35 for Government Stamp Duty?"

"Its an annual tax for having a credit card."

"I've never heard of a tax on cards."

"You can look it up on"

"That sounds like the Republic of Ireland, I don't live in the Republic."

"I can give you a phone number for the Revenue Department...."

"I don't live in the Republic"

"You changed your address from Anytown, England to Postcode BT** ***, we have to charge you tax."

"BT as in Belfast, I live in Nor'n Iron its part of Britain"

"I'll have to get my supervisor"

Jingle , Jingle, Jingle

"Hello, My colleague tells me that you are not happy that you are being charged Government Stamp Duty on your card, because you moved to Ireland we have to do this"

"I don't live in Ireland, I'm in Nor'n Iron, its part of Britain."

"We can give you a number to claim it back from the Government".

"No you claim it back, its nothing to do with me"

"Our records show that you used your card in Dublin".

"Yes, I went there for a holiday, I used it to pay for a hotel, because I don't live there!!!!!"

"Unfortunately I can't do anything about this now because it is too late in the evening. I will have to pass it a senior manager, I will ask them to telephone you tomorrow. Can I have your telephone number"


"OK does this number need an international code"


Sad to report, I don't think this was an overseas call centre.

If you live in Nor'n Iron and have a Mint Card have a bloody good look at your Statement.

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