Minsk Metro Blast

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Tremaine, Apr 11, 2011.

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  1. My brother used to have a Mini Metro 1.4, that blew up too.
  2. I didn't think that Belarussia had any enemies these days. Shows how wrong I was.
  3. Neither does Belarus, but Lukashenko has loads.
  4. Internal dissidents under that Soviet Dictatorship? " Outpost of tyranny" said Condoleezza Rice. Also, Lukashenko's courted Qaddafi, for cheap oil, and Syria, in the past.
  5. Chechens perhaps?
  6. Why would that be?
  7. They don't have a great human rights record. And they've been particularly hard on Human Rights Activists?
  8. What has that got to do with Chechnya? How does it connect Belarus to the problems Russia is having with Chechnya?
  9. Sadly will probably be used as an excuse to clamp down even more harshly on pro-democracy groups should they be involved or not.
  10. Hands up, it doesn't, or I can't see a connection anyway. I knew you'd pick that up after the mong quote.And I can't find any reason why this event should have happened, save that republic's political oppression and allegedly rigged elections. Almost two decades in power and it's considered the last dictatorship. Any Opposition is routinely beaten up I understand. Or perhaps it's linked to Lukoshenko and Libya. As for internal terrorism, who knows. The republic's history's far too complicated .
  11. Having agreed that, it doesn't mean that the internal opposition haven't made some 'friends'. A huge number of people over here do not realise quite what a naughty boy Lukoshenko is. Didn't he just jail the opposition when he lost the election?

    The only thing he has going in his favour is that no-one including the Russians, want to take on a country that is a festering radiactive shit heap.
  12. As I have heard Russian, British and Israeli experts head to Belarus to help in the investigation.

    Belarussian security services claim that the 'most probable' suspect has been detected and now he is being searched.

    Personally, I suspect it was made by Chechens. Chechen mafia built a channel for illegal immigrants from China, Pakistan, Vietnam and so on to smuggle them to Lithuania.

    In 2008 some Chechens were captured.

    Íà áåëîðóññêîé ãðàíèöå çàäåðæàíû ÷å÷åíöû — îðãàíèçàòîðû êàíàëà íåçàêîííîé ìèãðàöèè | Íîâîñòè íà DATE.BS

    It was not suicide bombing. The device was planted unded a bench on the platform.
  13. Blast staged by Lukashenko to justify crack down on internal dissent and pro democracy movements.

    Any takers?