minox 8x44 bv stalking binocular review

I'm going to fly in the face of all the "accepted wisdom" and recommend you don't go for a large objective, fixed power scope. If you look on other forums, such as Airgun BBS and The Stalking Directory you'll see that the 8x56 is probably the most offered for sale scope there is (and the S&B offering comes up most often). I'm not saying they're no good, they are a quality bit of kit with good glass, but they're big and heavy, and nowhere near as flexible as a good mid-range zoom scope.
I've been down the 8x56 path, and the "knobs and twiddles" path. All sold off. My largest scope is now 2.5-10x48 (and I regard that as being on the "big" side), with two other rifles having a 3-9x42 and an old Swaro 3-9x36.
Second hand scopes by Swaro, Zeiss, Meopta etc can all be very good buys, and if you're buying new, the lifetime guarantee makes Vortex worth looking seriously at.
I recently had to raise funds as a matter of urgency, and sold off my Swaro SLC binos and replaced them with a pair of Vortex Diamondback. The new binos perform on a par with the Swaros, but the build and component quality are streets apart. The Swaros, I bought second hand quite a few years ago and manged to sell them for a tiny bit more than I paid. If I go to sell the Vortex after as many years, I'll be lucky to get £50 for them, and that's where the price difference proves to be worth it.
Just my take on it all.


I have a rake of 8x56 but usually on foxing rigs for shooting from vehicles. My stalking rifles are all fitted with either S&B or Swarovski 6x42, if the deer looks too small then get closer. Its called stalking not long range precision.

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