Minority Recruiting - POLTUH

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by CrabSpy, Apr 6, 2009.

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  1. The link isn't working becasue you are a dopey crab barstard
  2. Am I in the RAF then ?
  3. The oxygen of publicity. Interesting that the sight spends more time going on about everything else except the RAF. Are you adasstra's barbgenius type account by any chance?
  4. Can we take it that the description: "Person of Restricted Growth", or Porg for short (so to speak); is no longer fashionable, or even legal under the latest Directive from Brussels Central?


    Many were the happy times when I and my contemporaries would sit around in the NAAFI/Mess/hot tub (cough) pointing and laughing at Porgs. This fellow above, whoever he is, appears to have got the hang of it, and seems to be about to attempt a guffaw on one leg.
  6. With checkable references going back almost four weeks and over 5 posts to their name, Crab Spy certaniy seems to have fooled some of you. However, Crab Spy's inability to master the intricacies a simple link, yet alone compose an original "websight" ( sic) clearly indicates that we are dealing with a sub-species of bottom feeder* close to the front gate, if not the actual barrier its self.

    I am pleased to hear that you have had site of this sight. Were you trained at Medmenham TDW as well, or did you graduate after the full 5 day APR course?

    * Got you excited did it Black Chlisoris?
  7. What arrseastra's blog so mysteriously fail's to mention, is that, much to my suprise, the ATC were also playing that day. They excelled themselves more than any of us could have ever imagined.....

    Route liners.

    Yep, Route liners (whilst the real PORGs marched through). Yet again, RAF proved themselves incapable of anything other than providing a supporting role for the REAL intelligencers. Even the thirteen year old type.
  9. `Route Liners` - yes well you did ask for the RAF Regiment to provide force protection but as it was only for a bunch of part timers you got what was assessed as appropriate :twisted:

    13 year old REAL intelligencers :oops: Do they have stabilisers on their Int Bikes ?

    13 year olds - hope the Child Protection Units are aware :wink:
  10. Apparently the thought of Hackney was too much for the Rock apes - the opportunities for lounging around wearing Oakleys being too limited. The Albino Umpa Lumpa section (fearsome fighters to a man) cunningly disguised as ACF acquitted themselves with aplomb. Rumour has it that they will soon be delivering perimeter security training to certain light blue establishments.
  11. As they have allowed themselves to be photographed and you have revealed the exisitance of the unit, I think it has now become a matter of public interest that more details of these plucky little fighters are made available to the general public.

    How long has the unit exisited?
    Are there more details available about its role?
    What is its motto? are there any particular dress regulations and customs?
    Has a Regimental Colonel been appointed by the Sovreign?
    Does the unit have its own quick and slow marches?
    Does the unit have its own websight or blog?

    We are all entitled to know

    Edited to add Post Script: On a personal and purely artistic basis might I enquire if the AULS has a woodwind or string quartet; and if so do they have any availability during off-duty hours?
  12. The existence of AULS(V) has been semi public domain since the showing of the Panorama documentary "the Undercover shortarrse", not to mention press speculation regarding an unfortunate outcrop of confectionary related incidents in the Shefford area. We all winced at the fruit n nut/tescos toilet affair.
    The motto "I may only be 3 foot, but so are your b0llocks" has also become well known to the public in recent years.
    It has been suggested that the unit march is "A finger of Fudge" however as no-one in the wider corps seems able to distinguish it from "The Rose and Laurel" this is, as yet, unconfirmed.
    I would suggest that any further enquiries should be directed to HQDINT.
  13. oh come on mucker, where's your sense of humour? it was actually pretty funny. especially the bit about shooting dwarfs over the English Channel during WW2 from a big cannon :)

    as for the photo... they are not 13 year old cadets. the second one from the front is Perevodchik. noduff.
  14. What's Medmenham TDW? Why do they run 5 day courses in the 4th month of the year? On more serious matters, the new Corps RSM won't be happy seeing those belts on the outside of the combat jackets!........... :lol: