minority groups - who has preference ????

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by OSACIN, Nov 9, 2005.

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  1. Heres one that should put the cat amongs the pigeons - there has been a lot in the media recently about activities being banned because it MAY offend the muslim community - have checked my facts on this as well.
    In Islamic law - particlularly sharia - homosexuality is illegal - the only topic for discussion is the severity of the punishment - therefore to avoid offending them all gay pride marches should be banned as this is a public display (which is especially harshly dealt with) but then of course that would affect the gays/lesbians - whats the answer chaps ????????????
  2. The answer is to tighten your chin-strap, button up your kevlar and hunker down on the fire-step. Let the PC mob engage in brutal hand-to-hand debate and cat-calling and then when the last chilean hand-crafted pottery mug has smashed against the outreach centre wall, we shall stride purposefully out into no-man's land and reinstitute both the rule of law and the rule of common decency...
  3. Oh Cuddles if it was only that easy? Yeterday i was lambasting Southampton City Council who had banned the RBL From selling Poppies in their area!!!! WTF. I and many others were outraged and forced them into a U Turn. It f'kin pisses me of that this country has degenerated into what it is. :cry: :cry:
  4. The thing that makes PC at home difficult is that the Government can't sell out it's troops in order to gain respect with the local population.

    ..Or can it?

    EDIT: It's racist to celebrate Christmas publicly.
  5. Personally I really couldn’t give a tinkers cuss, fcuk 'em all I say. Getting on my baps when some munter blabs on about "Imperialistic background of remembrance Sunday" and "It will offend people with ethic roots to wibblel-wibblstan" If fcuking offends me that I drive past every day a war memorial to the fallen brave soldiers of Bangladesh! It gets looked after, painted and weeded. On my local war memorial the poor buggers bayonet has been nabbed, Bless Oldham council its not there problem.

    edit for typo, bad gramma, and been thick
  6. i take your point but can't understand why you don't think the bangladeshi soldiers deserve a memorial ? the bengali's fought very hard for this country and the empire as it was.
    make a good curry too
  7. 1. No curry is sh1te,
    2. To remember the dead of the Bangladesh/Pakistan war in th 70's
  8. Ah well thats a completley different story !!
    Is this in England ?? :x

    have to disagree about the curry bit though
  9. [
    Is this in England ?? :x

  10. United? ..... I think not.
  11. I was asking if it was in england.
    If i had wanted to know it was in scotland I waould have asked ' is this in Scotland'? same for wales

    Whats your problem ????
    Do I have to refer to the whole of the UK when i mean england ???
  12. Actually historically both Scotland and Wales are only recent additions to the nations that once formed this country. In fact I suggest that we go back to the original borders, move the capital back to it's ancient home Bamburgh and start from scratch.
  13. where would that toilet over the water fit in ? :lol:
  14. [align=center] :evil: Up untill a few months ago i worked in a prison.
    Kast xmass the gov decided to ban the officers from displaying cards, having a xmas tree and decorations, because it might upset the muslim and non christian prisoners.
    I might add that every prisoner in the prison regardless of religion wanted to celebrate it.
    So much for that we were eventually allowed after a bunch of cons including muslims stated that because allowances were made for Ramadan( late dinners, early morning calls) it would be racist not to celabrate xmas. they gave in.
    It was all down to the person in charge of diversity who was a hindu and thought she could bend the rules to her twisted way of thinking( she really thought she was right).
    She said that anybody should have thier religous day off and the right to celebrate, bit contradictory.
    I challenged her and asked did she believe in xmas, she said no, i asked if she thought people should have religous holidays, she said yes so i asked her if she would swap for my xmas day.
    She said you must be joking its xmas day i'm not working then. I state my case.
    If you have morons like this in charge there is no hope :twisted: [align=justify] [/align]
  15. This would all go away if we could encourage the different ethnic groups to move out of their insular neighbourhoods [ I won't use the term ' ghetto ' not PC - hehehe] and to mingle and interact more openly with other groups within the community .. a little diversity and tolerance would sort things out right away.. especially among the young.. get them ' interacting ' and in no time you'll have it sorted..

    a whole new crop of ethnically diverse people fully integrated into the land

    Italians and Jamaicans = Pastafarians
    Indians and Israelis = Hindjews
    Icelandics and Cubans = Icecubes